A Quote by Mark Twain on death, debt, gratitude, life, and world

Whoever has lived long enough to find out what life is, know how deep a debt of gratitude we owe to Adam, the first great benefactor of our race. He brought death into the world.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

Source: Pudd’nhead Wilson

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A Quote by Marilyn vos Savant on desires, expectation, gratitude, love, and time

It is a lot easier to prove that you don't love someone than it is to prove that you do, but one of the best 'proofs' I know is the desire to devote time to the person with no expectation of any sort of compensation, including gratitude, in return.

Marilyn vos Savant (1946 -)

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A Quote by Marquise Magdeleine de Sablé on behavior, deed, enemies, good, and gratitude

Often our good deeds make enemies for us, and the ungrateful person despises us on two counts; for he is not only unwilling to acknowledge the gratitude he owes us: he does not want to have his benefactor as witness to his thankless behavior.

Magdeleine Sable (c. 1599 - 1678)

Source: the Marquise Sablé’s work is in Maxims and Various Thoughts (Maximes et pensées diverses) 1678

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A Quote by Kahlil Gibran on giving, receiving, debt, generosity, gifts, gratitude, and abundance

And you receivers - and you are all receivers - assume no weight of gratitude, lest you lay a yoke upon yourself and upon him who gives.
Rather rise together with the giver on his gifts as on wings;
For to be overmindful of your debt, is to doubt his generosity who has the free hearted earth for mother, and God for father.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

Source: The Prophet, p.22 (On Giving)

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A Quote by Joseph Addison on exercise, gratitude, and mind

There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude.

Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719)

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A Quote by John Locke on age, authority, birth, equality, freedom, gratitude, justice, men, merit, nature, respect, understanding, and virtue

Though I have said above. . . . That all men by Nature are equal, I cannot be supposed to understand all sorts of Equality: Age or Virtue may give Men a just Precedency: Excellency of Parts and Merit may place others above the common level: Birth may subject some, and Alliance or Benefits others, to pay an Observance to those to whom Nature, Gratitude or other Respects may have made it due; and yet all this consists with the Equality which all men are in, in respect of Jurisdiction or Dominion one over another, which was the Equality I there spoke of . . . being that equal Right that every Man hath, to his natural Freedom, without being subjected to the Will or Authority of any other Man.

John Locke (1632 - 1704)

Source: Second Treatise of Government, 1690

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A Quote by Jean de La Fontaine on cats and gratitude

No favor can win gratitude from a cat.

Jean de La Fontaine (1621 - 1695)

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A Quote by Jean Baptiste Massieu on gratitude, heart, and memory

Gratitude is the memory of the heart.

Jean Baptiste Massieu

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A Quote by James E. Talmage on gratitude, humility, pride, and sister

Gratitude is twin sister to humility; Pride is foe to both.

James E. Talmage (1862 - 1933)

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A Quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau on duty and gratitude

Gratitude is a duty which ought to be paid, but which none have a right to expect.

Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778)

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