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A Quote by Anon on mahabharata, hinduism, and golden rule

Do not to others what ye do not wish
Done to yourself; and wish for others too
What ye desire and long for, for yourself.
This is the whole of righteousness, heed it well.


Source: The Mahabharata

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A Quote by Zoroaster on zoroaster, zend avesta, golden rule, and kindness

That which is good for all and any one,
For whomsoever- that is good for me. . .
What I hold good for self, I should for all.
Only Law Universal is true law.

Zoroaster (c.628 - c.551)

Source: Zend Avesta

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A Quote by Confucius on confucius, life, and golden rule

When abroad, behaveto everyone as if interviewing
an honored guest; in directing the people, act as if
you were assisting at a great sacrafice; DO NOT DO
TO YOURSELF: so there will be no murmuring
against you in the country, and none in the family;
your public life will arouse no ill-will nor your private
life any resentment.

Confucius (c. 551 - c. 479 BC)

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A Quote by Rabbi Hillel on mitzvah, leviticus, and golden rule

What is hateful to thee, do not unto thy fellowman;
this is the whole Law. The rest is but commentary.

Rabbi Hillel (fl. 30 BC - 10 AD)

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on love, forgiveness, golden rule, and ethics of reciprocity

We must forgive each other our arising, for our existence always torments others. The golden rule in the midst of this mutual misery has always been, not to do no harm, but as little as possible; and not to love one another, but as much as you can.

Ken Wilber

Source: Excerpt B: The Many Ways We Touch - The Calculus of Uncomfort

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