A Quote by William Shakespeare on clothes, gold, justice, and vices

Through tattered clothes small vices do appear; Robes and furred gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold, And the strong lance of justice breaks; Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw does pierce it.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: King Lear, IV, vi.

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on books, driving, and gold

Bell, book and candle shall not drive me back, When gold and silver becks me to come on.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: King John, Act 3, scene 3.

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on angels, bankers, gold, harmony, heaven, immortality, music, soul, and stillness

How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank! Here will we sit, and let the sounds of music Creep in our ears; soft stillness and the night Become the touches of sweet harmony. Sit, Jessica: look, how the floor of heaven Is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold; There's not the smallest orb which thou behold'st But in his motion like an angel sings, Still quiring to the young-eyed cherubins. Such harmony is in immortal souls; But whilst this muddy vesture of decay Doth grossly close it in, we cannot hear it.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: Merchant of Venice, Act 5, Scene 1

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on drugs, gold, mortality, murder, soul, and world

Gold is worse poison to a man's soul, doing more murders in this loathsome world, than any mortal drug.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

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A Quote by William Shakespeare on excess, gold, and heaven

Therefore, to be possess'd with double pomp, To guard a title that was rich before, To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, To throw a perfume on the violet, To smooth the ice, or add another hue Unto the rainbow, or with taper-light To seek the beauteous eye of heaven to garnish, Is wasteful and ridiculous excess.

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Source: King John, Act 4, scene 2.

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A Quote by William Morris on complaints, darkness, day, deed, fear, gold, love, wonder, and world

Love is Enough Love is enough: though the world be a-waning, And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining, Though the skies be too dark for dim eyes to discover The gold-cups and daisies fair blooming thereunder, Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder, And this day draw a veil over all deeds passed over, Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter: The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover.

William Morris (1834 - 1896)

Source: Love is Enough

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A Quote by William Moulton Marston on defeat, gold, knowledge, personality, personality, practicality, and work

Besides the practical knowledge which defeat offers, there are important personality profits to be taken. Defeat strips away false values and makes you realize what you really want. It stops you from chasing butterflies and puts you to work digging gold.

William Moulton Marston

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A Quote by Sir William Jones on gold


Than all Bocara's vaunted gold, Than all the gems of Samarcand.

William Jones (1746 - 1794)

Source: A Persian Song of Hafiz.

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A Quote by William Henry Drummond on beauty, birth, earth, eternity, fatherhood, food, glory, god, gold, good, heaven, joy, love, mankind, power, reason, salvation, songs, soul, truth, and world

Bright portals of the sky, Emboss'd with sparkling stars, Doors of eternity, With diamantine bars, Your arras rich uphold, Loose all your bolts and springs, Ope wide your leaves of gold, That in your roofs may come the King of Kings. O well-spring of this All! Thy Father's image vive; Word, that from nought did call What is, doth reason, live; The soul's eternal food, Earth's joy, delight of heaven; All truth, love, beauty, good: To thee, to thee be praises ever given! O glory of the heaven! O sole delight of earth! To thee all power be given, God's uncreated birth! Of mankind lover true, Indearer of his wrong, Who doth the world renew, Still be thou our salvation and our song!

William Henry Drummond (1854 - 1907)

Source: “Christmas Day”

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A Quote by William Butler Yeats on boldness, deception, enemies, gold, heart, love, and mind

The Mask "Put off that mask of burning gold With emerald eyes." "O no, my dear, you make so bold To find if hearts be wild and wise, And yet not cold." "I would but find what's there to find, Love or deceit." "It was the mask engaged your mind, And after set your heart to beat, Not what's behind." "But lest you are my enemy, I must enquire." "O no, my dear, let all that be, What matter, so there is but fire In you, in me?"

William Butler Yeats (1865 - 1939)

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