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Brigid has been known by many names: Brigit, Brig, Bride, Brigantia, Saint Brigid, and Mary of the Gael.  But no name encapsulates her personality as well as the term Breo Saighead (or Breo Aigit), meaning "fiery arrow or power."  Although this term was thought to be the root source of Brigid's name (as stated in the ninth-century book Cormac' Glossary), modern scholars have proven this early etymology to be based on folk legends and rumors rather than on scholarly sources.  Yet the term Breo Saighead will not go away.  It remains with this powerful triple goddess of the fire, as she inspires, transforms, and heals.  Brigid is the force behind grand ideas and simple comforts.  She is direct, quick, enlightening, and enlivening.  She is the shaft of lightning or the glowing candle that illuminates our world.  Fast, furious, bold, and strong, she arrives quickly and departs just as fast, leaving behind a brighter mind or soul or heart.  Brigid's gifts lie not in what she brings to you, but rather in casting light on what you can bring to the world.

Michelle Skye

Source: Goddess Alive! Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life

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Cerridwyn is one of the most magical of Welsh goddesses.  She is the quintessential stereotypical "hag witch" -- hunchbacked, cackling, stirring her cauldron full of magic potion.  Yet this image is but one side of the great goddess Cerridwyn.

Cerridwyn is also a mother, to a dark boy named Morfran and a beautiful girl named Creidwy, and a wife to the giant Tegid Foel.  Her family means a great deal to her, and her magic stems from her need to help them.  She seeks to protect her family, to remove obstacles on their paths.  Like all good parents, she wishes the very best for her children and strives to provide for them.  No young, virginal maid, Cerridwyn has the resources, self-confidence, and inner power and wisdom to forge ahead and aid her family members.

Michelle Skye

Source: Goddess Alive! Inviting Celtic & Norse Goddesses Into Your Life

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May I remind you why I call the Earth Gaia? It came about in the 1960s when the author William Golding, who subsequently won the Nobel and many other prizes, was near neighbor and friend. We both lived in the village of Bowerchalke, twelve miles southwest of Salisbury in southern England. We would often talk on scientific topics on walks around the village or in the village pub, the Bell Inn. In 1968 or 1969, during a walk, I tried out my hypothesis on him; he was receptive because, unlike most literary figures, he had taken physics while at Oxford as an undergraduate and fully understood the science of my argument. He grew enthusiastic and said, "If you are intending to come out with a large idea like that, I suggest that you give it a proper name: I propose 'Gaia.'" I was pleased with his suggestion - it was a word, not an acronym, and even then I saw the Earth as in certain ways alive, at least to the extent that it appeared to regulate its own climate and chemistry. Few scientists are familiar with the classics, and are unaware that Gaia is sometimes given the alternate name 'Ge.' Ge, of course, is the prefix of the sciences of geology, geophysics and geochemistry. To Golding, Gaia, the goddess who brought order out of chaos, was the appropriate title for a hypothesis about an Earth system that regulate its climate and chemistry so as to sustain habitability.

James Lovelock

Source: The Vanishing Face of Gaia - A Final Warning

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I collected them all, found every bone
except I couldn't find my hand, my hand
my mother had it
her calloused hard hitting hands have held me
gripped my spirit
she seized my hand at six
stripped it of innocense and grace
she severed my hand at seven
I found it again in a dry riverbed pointing North
this hand that has the most number of bones
fragments of bones, joints and articulation
I can't open it
I have my hand now
I can pray
I can pray again
I turn to the Goddess, pray for forgiveness
She says,  "there is no forgiveness because there are no sins"
She places God on the tips of my fingers
on the tips of my toes
and tells me that everyone has to learn how to pray
in their own way
in their own way with everything, everywhere
I collected them all, found every splintered bone
every piece of myself
now I dance flinging by bones to the floor
like the I Ching
like the I Ching each time I hit the floor
I'm different

Jewel Mathieson

Source: The Search for the Feminine in My Bones

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It's daylight, the sky is cloudy, and human beings believe that beyond the clouds lives an all-powerful God, guiding the fate of men.  Meanwhile, look at your son, look at your feet, listen to the sounds around you: down here is the Mother, so much closer, bringing joy to children and energy to those who walk over her body.  Why do people prefer to believe in something far away and forget what is there before their eyes, a true manifestation of the miracle?

Paulo Coelho

Source: The Witch of Portobello, Pages: 232

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I vow to interpret every experience as a direct healing of the Goddess with my soul.

Rob Brezsny

Source: Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings, Pages: 76

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In that moment, there was no place for doubt. I was sitting with the supreme being.  I had always sat beside her.  She was inside of me.

Christopher Pike

Source: Sati

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A Quote by the Great Goddess on goddess


Listen to the words of the Great Goddess, who throughout time has been known by many names.

Assemble in a sacred place of your own making when the Moon is full,
and any other time you have need of My aid.
Know that My love will make you free, for nobody can prevent your worship of Me in your mind and your heart.
Listen well when you worship, and I will teach you the deep mysteries, ancient and powerful.
I require no sacrifices or pain,
for I am the Mother of all things, the Creatress who made you out of My love,
and the One who endures through all time.

I am the beauty of the Earth, the green of growing things.
I am the white Moon whose light is full among the stars and soft upon the Earth.
From Me all things are born, to Me all things, in their seasons return.
Let My worship be in your hearts, for all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals.
You see Me in the love of man and woman, the love of parent and child,
the love of humans to all My creations.

When you create with your hands, I am there.
I blow the breath of life into the seeds you plant, whether of plant of child.
I stand beside you always, whispering soft words of wisdom and guidance.
You need only to listen.All seekers of the Mysteries must come to Me,
for I am the True Source, the Keeper of the Cauldron.

All who seek to know Me, know this...
All your seeking and yearning will be in vain unless you understand the Mystery that if what you seek is not found within, you will never find it without.
For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I will gather you to my breast at the end.

Blessed Be.

the Great Goddess

Source: Charge of the Goddess (Doreen Valiente)

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Butterflies represent transformation. They evolve from a caterpillar into a beautiful, wondrous being - much like a woman finding her inner goddess; her personal power.

Nicole Graham

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Magical Prayer

From beneath me arises the energy of the Earth, my home and my foundation.

From above me pours down the light of the Sun and the enchanting Moon.

To my right hand flows the strength to control and direct, the power of magic.

To my left hand comes the skill to divine and to heal, the source of blessing.


Source: Magicka School

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