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"The God force is separate and not separate, whole and not whole at the same time. Really, it is not "sliceable", not reducible. Even when it is sliced into individual energies, it does not diminish the total God force or the power of the individual. Each of you has the potential for the God force potency. However, (and this is a very important caveat), no individual can overcome the God force. There is a misinterpretation, then, that Satan is as powerful as God. Limited energy cannot live on its own. Every experience must exist and yet they (limiting forces) can never exist on their own. Limited energy, then, is the experience of the absence of the God force (as a teacher and as a belief). Therefore, there is no need to fear it. Those choosing such experiences have a need to understand how it feels to believe evil powers exist. Again, I say that those who pursue this route are taking it too personally. They believe the story they made up about themselves. It is similar to a person going into an ice cream store and only choosing one flavor from many. Preoccupied with tasting only one flavor for a very long time, they are probably quite sick and tired of it. Still, they don't want to believe there are any other flavors available."

Lena Lees

Source: The Living Word of Kuan Yin

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