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If we don't take the action today, tomorrow will be the End.
Let us be awake and fight back against global warming


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Yes, I am optimistic about the environment. If you assume business is exerting the most negative influence on the environment and also has the possibility to impact it positively, there are a bunch of forces that are impacting business that are fundamentally different from the situation 3 or 4 years ago. There are pressures to be transparent that just didn't exist before and these pressures are coming from unlikely places, such as the insurance industry. In the most recent issue of The Ecologist, the editorial asked what is having the most positive impact on global warming. The answer is the insurance industry. Unlike the current administration, the insurance industry has made its mind up for reasons of self-preservation. For purely pragmatic reasons, they are increasing pressure on big business to reduce C02 emissions. In a similar way in Europe, the Association of Insurers has concluded that increased transparency is critical to understand the risk that an insurance company has in insuring a company. That pressure to provide that transparency in and of itself can cause change.

Jeffrey Hollender

Source: The Green Guide: Interview with Jeffrey Hollender:

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A Quote by Richard Branson on global warming, sustainability, alternative energy, conscious business, and conscious capitalism

I used to be skeptical of global warming, but now I'm absolutely convinced that the world is spiraling out of control. CO2 is like a bushfire that gets bigger and bigger every year.

All of us who are in a position to do something about it must do something about it. Because Virgin is involved with planes and trains, we have even more responsibility. So we've put aside quite a lot of money to invest in alternative fuels. Over the next four years, we'll invest something like $1 billion in alternative fuels.

The money is going into a whole series of different things like building ethanol plants. We're looking into wind power. We're looking into solar. And we're also actually working on developing a new kind of fuel, which I can't say much about but which is quite exciting.

Richard Branson

Source: Business 2.0: Branson's Next Big Bet:

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A Quote by Al Gore on al gore, environment, green, and global warming

"If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together." We have to go far. Quickly.

Al Gore (1948 -)

Source: Al Gore's speach after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize

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We're in a giant car heading toward a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going to sit.

David Suzuki


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To be in denial is worse than ignorance, not caring is immoral.


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A Quote by Daniel Pinchbeck on daniel pinchbeck, 2012, and global warming

Whatever the Pentagon prophesizes, ecological feedback loops are currently accelerating the process of climate beyond earlier predictions.  Researchers from Oxford University in the UK and Tomsk State University in Russia have recently discovered that a vast frozen peat bog in western Siberia, “the size of France and Germany combined,” has started to thaw, potentially releasing “billions of tons of methane, a greenhouse gas twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.”  As reported in The Guardian, this new discovery could cause a “10 percent to 25 percent increase in global warming,” accelerating current forecasts.  The increasing rate of ice melting in the Arctic Circle is forcing a similar reevaluation of data.  According to a new study the American Geophysical Union: “Warming in the Arctic is stimulating growth of vegetation and could affect the delicate energy balance there, causing an additional climate warming of several degrees over the next few decades.”

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 392

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A Quote by Dr. Richard St. Barbe-Baker on tree, forest, nature, environmental, global warming, science, scientific, and solution

"Planting and growing increasing quantities of trees is the scientific solution to Earth's environmental dilemma."

Richard Barbe-Baker

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To Be or Not to Be: In Nature all life is a question of the minutest, but extremely precisely graduated differences in the particular thermal motion within every single body, which continually changes in rhythm with the processes of pulsation.
This unique law, which manifests itself throughout Nature's vastness and unity and expresses itself in every creature and organism, is the "law of ceaseless cycles" that in every organism is linked to a certain time span and a particular tempo.
The slighest disturbance of this harmony can lead to the most disastrous consequences for the major life forms.
In order to preserve this state of equilibrium, it is vital that the characteristic inner temperature of each of the millions of micro-organisms contained in the macro-organisms be maintained.

Viktor Schauberger

Source: The Water Wizard: The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water, Pages: 6, 7

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A Quote by John Naisbitt on climate change, global warming, environment, and sustainability


Who and what are we to believe? Where to begin? Read a significant number of the 963 books on global warming listed on, and, to keep in the balance, read from the 1,054 books (July 2006) on global cooling and the coming ice age?

Amid all the conflicting claims and advice, it is sometimes difficult to know whom to believe about the environment, I cannot stop my life the next 2 to 10 years to become an expert on the environment or sustainability. Nor can any of us. I can only use my experience and best judgment.

The debate is exacerbated by the superior tone of those who are so sure about global warming. Global warming has become a religion, and those who don't buy into its gloom and doom scenarios are infidels who must be banished from any public forum.

I believe the environment must be protected and that regulations is often necessary. No matter who is right about the environment and sustainability, I support attending to the environment because the remedies are so attractive. I want a clean air and clean water for everybody. I vote for nature. But exaggerating problems without any real idea of the score of the game distorts society's priorities and makes it hard for citizens and leaders to make the best decisions.

John Naisbitt

Source: Mind Set!: Reset Your Thinking and See the Future, Pages: 27-28

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