A Quote by Frank Salvato on reality, political correctness, generation, horror, war, sacrifice, humanity, and compromise

In this post-reality world of the politically incorrect, we witness a generation that has absolutely no idea of the true horrors of war; the sacrifice needed to win and the reality of the fact that in war, people die and humanity is sometimes compromised in the quest to preserve humanity.

Frank Salvato

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A Quote by Thomas Jefferson on constitution, generation, change, and nation

No society can make a perpetual Constitution...  The Earth belongs always to the living generation.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

Source: Wall Street Journal, Thursday, October 11, 2007

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A Quote by Marian Wright Edelman on teach, love, give, life, purity, responsibility, generation, hope, and obligation

If you as parents cut corners, your children will too. If you lie, they will too. If you spend all your money on yourselves and tithe no portion of it for charities, colleges, churches, synagogues, and civic causes, your children won't either. And if parents snicker at racial and gender jokes, another generation will pass on the poison adults still have not had the courage to snuff out.

Marian Wright Edelman (1939 -)

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A Quote by Sue Ellen Stern on generation, life, and make room

As each new generation begins, another moves aside to make room.  Life seems so short; that's why every moment counts.

Sue Stern

Source: Expecting Change: The Emotional Journey Through Pregnancy

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A Quote by Mitch on dynamics, control, organization, document, credit, and generation

Understand the control dynamics within your organization and document the generation of your idea or your movie will wind up getting produced without you getting proper credit.

Mitch Thrower

Source: "The Attention Deficit Workplace" by Mitch Thrower

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A Quote by Thomas Leonard on discovery, one, and generation

The greatest discovery of my generation is that we are unique.  The greatest discovery of the next generation, I pray, is that we are one.

Thomas Leonard

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