A Quote by unknown on live, every, moment, last, having, and fun

Live every moment and every day as if it were your last.


Source: experience and my brain

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A Quote by Jeremy Seabrook on civilization, people, fun, western, and purpose

To provide its happy people with perpetual fun is now the deepest purpose of Western civilization.

Jeremy Seabrook

Source: Third World Network

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A Quote by unknown on spiritual, happiness, love, joy, inspiration, fun, truth, and beauty

In my opinion, the most irrational thing you can do is ignore the intuition


Source: everyoneisgoingconscious

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A Quote by Stephenie Meyer on high school, college, and fun

Don't let anyone tell you that high school is supposed to be fun.  High school is to be endured.  College is fun. 

Stephenie Meyer

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A Quote by Molly Ivins on fun and dignity

In the first place, any group of folks willing to make asses of themselves in pursuit of a good time should be commended and encouraged: The spirit of human frolic needs all the help it can get.

Molly Ivins

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A Quote by E.B. White on change, fun, and planning


I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.
  - EB White

E.B. White

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A Quote by Lily of the Valley Carnie on life, reflection, embrace, tools, image, belief, and fun

The costume is everything.

Lily of the Valley Carnie

Source: conversation

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A Quote by Chevy Chase on fun and movies


"Do you have anything besides Mexican food?"

Chevy Chase

Source: The Three Amigos

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A Quote by unknown on love, life, living large, health, wellness, spirituality, forgiveness, creativity, diet, books, fun, laughter, and friendship

All is forgiven, move on.


Source: Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivaitonal Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat removal

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A Quote by unknown on fun and coffee


YHWH created coffee and it is the man's job to make it.  It is in the Scriptures.  He Brews!


Source: Jewish Mothers I grew up around and "A Prairie Home Companion" radio series.

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