A Quote by Susan on transformation, self-knowledge, mastery, soul-centered, intuition, inner wisdom, visualization, imagination, life purpose, personal power, a path with heart, intention, alchemy, self-trust, success, and fulfillment

"If we truly want to create a life that is grounded in basic well-being, we must decide to commit ourselves to learning what it takes to thrive instead of merely survive."

Susan Velasquez

Source: Beyond Intellect: Journey into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind, Pages: 110

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A Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. on heart, fulfillment, and words

Occasionally in life there are those moments of unutterable fulfillment which cannot be completely explained by those symbols called words. Their meanings can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.

Martin Luther King Jr (1929 - 1968)

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A Quote by Honoré de Balzac on work, passion, and fulfillment

An unfulfilled vocation drains the color from a man's entire existence.

Honore de Balzac (1799 - 1850)

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A Quote by George Bernard Shaw on reality, self, fulfillment, and life

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)

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A Quote by Chris Fenwick on fulfillment, purpose, and living on purpose

The average Westerner, some would label civilized, (I would not choose that word), is caught in a life of mediocrity and unhappiness.  The magic has been lost on most.  We are sucked into the spell of consumerism, to be left with many things in our garage but nothing in our hearts.  We live frustrated, desperate lives of hopelessness, which are only occasionally sprinkled with moments of hope and clarity.  The most we look forward to is the next thing we can add to our already bulging pile of stuff.  We somehow go to jobs we don’t choose, day in day out, wondering if there isn’t something more to life.  We skimp and scrape to get by, never thinking about the next person.  It does not often cross our minds, that giving away our time, energy and love to another, gives us more happiness and hope in our own lives.  We live in fear – fear of dying, fear of living, fear of losing our stuff, fear of our neighbors, fear of the environment, fear of change, and fear of ourselves, really.”

Sherman continued as the others focused their attention on him.  “If we compare this type of existence to the type of existence the owner’s of these handprints lived, we see a dramatic difference.  They sought out, discovered and lived in harmony with their purpose, with each other and in their environment.  These symbols physically remain to demonstrate to this day, their connection to personal power and purpose – and to the spirit world that brought them that purpose.  When we know our purpose we are happier, more centered people.  We have direction, hope and something to look forward to, each and every day.  Something to work toward.  When we meet people who are living on-purpose we revere them, call them heroes and envy their lives.  But we each have out own gifts to bring.  Like the “Little Drummer Boy” our personal gifts are all that God wants from us.  When our personal purpose is expressed in how we make a living, we are fulfilled and happy.  When that purpose also reveals our individual method of service to our fellow man, fear falls away and peace and satisfaction take its place.

Chris Fenwick

Source: the 100th human, Pages: 129

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A Quote by TAO TE CHING LAO TZU CHAPTER 56 on isaac of syria, enter, treasure house, heaven, know, knowledge, all things, self-knowing, and fulfillment

Isaac of Syria:"Try to enter your treasure house and you will see the treasure house of Heaven;To him who knows himself knowledge of all things is given.For knowing oneself is the fulfillment of the knowledge of all things"



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A Quote by Jerry Porras on success, fulfillment, and relationships

For Builders, the real definition of success is a life and work that brings personal fulfillment and lasting relationships and makes a difference in the world in which they live.

Jerry Porras

Source: Success Built to Last: Creating a Life that Matters, Pages: 19

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A Quote by Andrew A. ‘Andy' Rooney on privacy, needs, and fulfillment

We're all torn between the desire for privacy and the fear of lonliness.  We need each other and we need to get away from each other.  We need proximity and distance, conversation and silence.  We almost always get more of each than we want at any one time.

Andy Rooney (1919 -)

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A Quote by Jane Roberts on magical thinking, magical approach, evolution, development, and fulfillment

SETH said: The magical approach takes it for granted that the human being is a united creature, fulfilling purposes in nature even as the animals do, whether or not those puposes are understood. (pause.)  The magical approach takes it for granted that each individual has a future, a fulfilling one, even though death may be tomorrow.  The magical approach takes it for granted that the means for development are within each individual, and that fulfillment will happen naturally.  Overall, that approach operates in your world.  If it did not, there would be no world.  If the worst was bound to happen, as scientists certainly think, even evolution, in their terms, would have been impossible, of course - a nice point to put somewhere (all intently).

Jane Roberts

Source: The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living (Roberts, Jane), Pages: 31

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A Quote by Viktor E. Frankl on meaning, logotherapy, fulfillment, will, drives, purpose, and mission

Man's search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life and not a "secondary rationalization" of instinctual drives. This meaning is unique and specific in that it must and can be fulfilled by him alone; only then does it achieve a significance which will satisfy his own will to meaning.

Viktor Frankl (1905 - 1997)

Source: Man's Search For Meaning, Pages: 105

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