A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, america, education, freedom, democracy, will, politics, and economics

American democracy is a chess-game in which pawns imagine themselves to be free individuals with wills of their own: that delusion is one of the rules of the game, without which the game could not continue. I doubt anyone, no matter how sharp and sharp-tongued, could succeed in getting across to high school students how vital an acute mind is for just keeping a grip on one's life and earnings in our mendacious politics and economics. No wonder our school system is devoutly dedicated to demoralizing and blunting such minds.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Kanaan Warsame on freedom, flag, older, knaan, and stronger

When I get older
I will be stronger
They'll call be freedom
Just like a waving flag


Source: Troubador - Waving Flag

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A Quote by Jesus on freedom and truth

       When you strip without being ashamed, and you take your clothes and put them under your feet like children and trample them, then you will see the son of the living one and you will not be afraid


Source: The Gospel of St. Thomas (A gospel denied by the Catholic Church)

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A Quote by Maurice Maeterlinck on freedom, happiness, breathing, thoughts, feelings, and breath

It is only in the space that our thoughts and our feelings enclose that our happiness can breathe in freedom.

Maurice Maeterlinck

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A Quote by Rachel Naomi Remen on freedom, slavery, and choice

The choice people have to make is never between slavery and freedom.   We will always have to choose between slavery and the unknown.

Rachel Naomi Remen

Source: My Grandfather's Blessings

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A Quote by unknown on freedom, trap, honesty, and lies

"Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”


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A Quote by Alexander Hamilton on freedom, law, slave, and property

Man is either governed by his own laws -- freedom -- or the laws of another -- slavery. Are you willing to become slaves? Will you give up your freedom, your life and your property without a single struggle? No man has a right to rule over his fellow creatures.

Alexander Hamilton (c.1756 - 1804)

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A Quote by Henry David Thoreau on government, freedom, justice, and thoreau

I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government

Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

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A Quote by Sage Vasishtha on freedom, moksa, self control, inquiry, contentment, good company, pure heart, receptive mind, doubt, and liberation

There are four gate-keepers at the entrace to the Realm of Freedom [moksha].

Self control
Spirit of Inquiry
Good Company

With a pure heart and a receptive mind, and without the veil of doubt and  restlessness of the mind, listen to the exposition of the nature and means of liberation.

Sage Vasishtha

Source: The Concise Yoga Vasistha, Pages: 29

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A Quote by masami saionji on freedom, divinity, and humanity

every person, without exception, has been divinely given the right of freedom.

masami saionji

Source: A path to perfect accomplishment (booklet by Taira Tanaka)

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