A Quote by unknown on stars, moom, limit, footsteps, and tell

Don't tell me that the stars are the limit if there are footsteps on the moon.


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A Quote by George Eliot on tread, footsteps, midnight, pause, death, and passing

The tread Of coming footsteps cheats the midnight watcher Who holds her heart and waits to hear them pause, And hears them never pause, but pass and die.

George Eliot (1819 - 1880)

Source: The Spanish Gypsy, Bk III

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A Quote by Emma Edith Kura on footsteps, follow, and wall

"Don't follow in my footsteps, I walk into walls."

Emma Kura

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A Quote by Antonio Machado on poetry, wayfarer, footsteps, foam trails, and sea

Wayfarer, the only way is your footsteps,
there is no other.

Wayfarer, there is no way,
you make the way as you go.

As you go you make the way
and stopping to look behind,
you see the path that your feet will never travel again.

Wayfarer, there is no way -
only foam trails in the sea.

Antonio Machado

Source: Soul of the World, A Modern Book of Hours by Phil Cousineau with Photography by Eric Lawton

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