A Quote by Michael Pollan on animals, food, and pets

Whatever the cause, the effect is an unusual amount of confusion on the subject of animals.  For at the same time many of us seem eager to extend the circle of our moral consideration to other species, in our factory farms we’re inflicting more suffering on more animals than at any time in history.  One by one science is dismantling our claims to uniqueness as a species, discovering that such things as culture, tool making, language, and even possibly self consciousness are not, as we used to think, the exclusive properties of Homo sapiens.  And yet most of the animals we eat lead lives organized very much in the spirit of Descartes, who famously claimed that animals were mere machines, incapable of thought or feeling.  There’s a schizoid quality to our relationship with animals today in which sentiment and brutality exist side by side.  Half the dogs in America will receive Christmas presents this year, yet few of us ever pause to consider the life of a pig – an animal easily as intelligent as a dog – that becomes the Christmas ham.

            We tolerate this schizophrenia because the life of a pig has moved out of view; when’s the last time you saw a pig in person?  Meat comes from the grocery store, where it is cut and packaged to look as little like parts of animals as possible.  (When was the last time you saw a butcher at work?)  The disappearance of animals from our lives has opened a space in which the Peter Singers and the Frank Perdues of the world fair equally well.

Michael Pollan

Source: The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals (Large Print Press), Pages: 306

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A Quote by Fredric Lieberman on music, human, universal, food, and sex

No human society, present or past, has lacked music. Music is therefore one of the very few human universals, which puts it on the same level as food and sex.

Fredric Lieberman

Source: Spirit Into Sound: The Magic of Music, Pages: 7

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A Quote by Dharma Singh Khalsa on medicine, food, truth, and self restoration

Guru Arjun tells us that the truth we seek is within ourselves, and I agree. The answers to many of our greatest desires, needs, and longings are inside. We only need to know how to retrieve them.

The most powerful vehicle for retrieving our longed for answers is applied intelligence, which is the combination of information and experience. Applied intelligence brings true wisdom because it includes experience, usually on a deep level.

Dharma Singh Khalsa

Source: Food As Medicine: How to Use Diet, Vitamins, Juices, and Herbs for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life, Pages: 8

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A Quote by unknown on heatlh, wellness, food, love, life, laughter, friendship, forgiveness, and creativity

Butter up your boss, not your roll.


Source: Our Lady of Weight Loss: Miraculous and Motivaitonal Musings from the Patron Saint of Permanent Fat removal

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A Quote by Sam Holley-Kline on sandwich, bagels, and food

This is not a sandwich.  It's a bagel with meat on it.

Sam Holley-Kline

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A Quote by Norman Borlaug on food and organic

If people want to believe that the organic food has better nutritive value, it's up to them to make that foolish decision. But there's absolutely no research that shows that organic foods provide better nutrition. As far as plants are concerned, they can't tell whether that nitrate ion comes from artificial chemicals or from decomposed organic matter. If some consumers believe that it's better from the point of view of their health to have organic food, God bless them. Let them buy it. Let them pay a bit more. It's a free society. But don't tell the world that we can feed the present population without chemical fertilizer. That's when this misinformation becomes destructive.

Norman Borlaug

Source: Billions Served: Norman Borlaug interviewed by Ronald Bailey:

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A Quote by Jan van Ruusbroec on mystic, contemplative, god, food, eating, union, apophatic, and jesus

If above all things we would taste God, and feel eternal life in ourselves, we must go forth into God with our feeling, above reason; and there we must abide, onefold, empty of ourselves, and free from images, lifted up by love into the simple bareness of our intelligence.

Jan Ruusbroec


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A Quote by Matthews 25:40 on food, for, poor, bible, matthew, gospel, jesus, and god

"As often as you did it to one of the least of My brothers and sisters, you did it to Me."

Matthews 25:40

Source: Matthew 25:40

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A Quote by Toyohiko Kagawa on jesus, failure, food, bread, nourishment, wisdom, civilization, life, social, and mistakes

Not everything in man's life is summed up in the problem of food. Anyone who thinks that a civilization can be founded on bread alone makes a great mistake. No matter how much bread there is, it cannot produce a man: it can only nourish him. Life exists before food. Man's life comes from the very origin of life. Therefore civilization does not follow the forms of production. All social life follows the action of life.

Toyohiko Kagawa

Source: "Jesus and Men's Failures"

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A Quote by Sol Luckman on habit, addiction, ritual, highlight, candy, food, decadence, civilization, fruitless, deprivation, cult, rules, laws, and diet

From that point on I visited the bottle every day at dusk. After the morning with Alexis and the afternoon in the sun, this became the third highlight of my day. I never ate more than a milk ball or two and at most half a licorice twist. It was the ritual that counted, the decadent taste of civilization in that strange fruitless Eden where I was allowed to eat practically anything, so long as it wasn’t food.

Sol Luckman

Source: Beginner's Luke: Book I of the Beginner's Luke Series, Pages: 51

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