A Quote by Frisco Cruise on family, brotherhood, life, and soul

"Brotherhood is not defined by the bond of blood, but the common tint of the soul."

Frisco Cruise

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A Quote by Key West FL Official Philosophy on humanity, family, and creation


Key West FL Official Philosophy

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A Quote by Jane Howard on womenswisdom, network, family, and tribe

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.
Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

Jane Howard

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A Quote by unknown on poop, family, and child

Are you pooping in the steering wheel?


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A Quote by Martha Stewart on living, lifestyle, family, and passion

The subject matter that I am really spending my time on has become an acceptable subject matter. Living, lifestyle, family, is now in the forefront of interest in America, and I've just stuck with it. I mean, I've been doing this for years, and I never got angry. I never said, you know, listen, I'm fighting for this subject. That wasn't my point. My point was to continue working in a subject matter, knowing full well that finally it would be recognized as a viable subject once again.

Martha Stewart

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A Quote by Martha Stewart on success, family, balance, and women

To what do you attribute the success you've had?

When I was growing up my mom was home. She wanted to go to work, but she waited. She was educated as a teacher. The minute my youngest sister went to school full-time, from first grade, mom went back to work. But she balanced her life. She chose teaching which enabled her to leave at the same time we left, and come home pretty much the same time we came home. She knew how to balance.

When I got married and had a child and went to work, my day was all day, all night. You lose your sense of balance. That was in the late '60s, '70s, women went to work, they went crazy. They thought the workplace was much more exciting than the home. They thought the family could wait. And you know what? The family can't wait. And women have now found that out. It all has to do with women, or the homemaker leaving the home and realizing that where they've gone is not as fabulous, or as rewarding, or as self-fulfilling as the balance between the workplace and the home place.

Martha Stewart

Source: Academy of Achievement: Martha Stewart Interview:

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A Quote by unknown on diamond, stone, friend, family, love, happy, best, and one

"You may find many stones in life, but only one can be your diamond"


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A Quote by Laurence Overmire on history, genealogy, family, ancestors, ancestry, genealogist, and celebrity

History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all.

Laurence Overmire


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A Quote by Jordan on money, family, security, destroy, idea, question, court, trigger, revolution, jail, prison, corrupt, corruption, punish, crucify, torture, civil, right, rights, and abuse

They took away my money, my family, and my security. Why couldn't they destroy my ideas? We will question them in court tomorrow as we trigger The Revolution of all revolutions!

Jordan Couch

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A Quote by John Makransky on love, family, buddhism, and dzogchen

Let all the rituals of family life be rediscovered as gestures of wise love.… Commune with your children through the energy of love as they deal the cards, take a turn on the game board, or toss a ball. In that spirit, when you look into their eyes, your gaze mirrors their fundamental goodness without even speaking.

John Makransky

Source: Awakening Through Love: Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness, Pages: 214

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