A Quote by Beth Knight on day, faith, god, love, planning, survival, trust, understanding, and world

We can't begin to understand what God has planned for us, But we face each day with a smile, and in his name we trust For in this vast world . . . is Love If only we could see the dove It seems sometimes he doesn't care When things get rough and hard to bear But with our Faith we can survive Because in our hearts HE is Alive!!"

Beth Knight

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A Quote by Bertrand Arthur William Russell on acceptance, certainty, discovery, expectation, faith, kindness, knowledge, mathematics, people, religion, rest, security, teachers, thought, work, and world

I wanted certainty in the kind of way in which people want religious faith. I thought that certainty is more likely to be found in mathematics than elsewhere. But I discovered that many mathematical demonstrations, which my teachers expected me to accept, were full of fallacies, and that, if certainty were indeed discoverable in mathematics, it would be in a new field of mathematics, with more solid foundations than those that had hitherto been thought secure. But as the work proceeded, I was continually reminded of the fable about the elephant and the tortoise. having constructed an elephant upon which the mathematical world could rest, I found the elephant tottering, and proceeded to construct a tortoise to keep the elephant from falling. But the tortoise was no more secure than the elephant, and after some twenty years of very arduous toil, I came to the conclusion that there was nothing more that I could do in the way of making mathematical knowledge indubitable.

Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970)

Source: Portraits from Memory.

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A Quote by Bernard Eugene Meland on faith, legacy, and persistence

Doctrines have proven expendable; yet the legacy of faith persists.

Bernard Meland (1871 - 1993)

Source: 1976

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A Quote by Bernard Eugene Meland on death, existence, experience, faith, heart, humility, judgment, language, life, mind, mystery, reality, religion, simplicity, truth, and understanding

This stark contrast between the language we use in attending the religious realities, of whatever faith, and the realities themselves should not strike us as strange. Simple acknowledgment of the fallibility of our human forms and symbols should offer precedent enough for insisting that every creature, however elevated or humble, however committed in . . . heart and mind to the truth of the faith, stands under the judgment of reality as lived, of reality as encountered in experience. With the use of language, [we] may appropriately grope toward understanding and toward some degree of intelligibility in responding to what meets us in the lived experiences. But, since we live more deeply than we can think, no formulation of truth out of the language we use can be adequate for expressing what is really real, fully available, fully experienced, within this mystery of existing, in the mystery of dying, or in whatever surpasses these creatural occurrences of such urgent moment to each of us.

Bernard Meland (1871 - 1993)

Source: Fallible Forms and Symbols, 1977

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A Quote by Bernard Eugene Meland on adventure, belief, creativity, dependence, existence, faith, hope, judgment, language, observation, promises, reality, trust, and understanding

We live by trust, in part by hope, in part by inquiry, patiently and humbly pursued. And to the degree that these sensibilities of our creaturehood are observed, the pursuit of intelligibility and understanding in [our] faith is a creative adventure full of promise in expanding, sensitizing, illumining, and hopefully fulfilling this pilgrimage of existing. Every other mode of seeking to wrest the fire and efficacy of reality, either by way of sanctioning those who presume to believe, or as ground for registering reality's curse upon those who presume not to believe in accordance with the prescribed language of human forms and symbols, is blasphemous, and carries within its own degree of dementia. And this, I submit, is the judgment of reality itself; not of any human formulation dependent upon the language of our fallible forms and symbols.

Bernard Meland (1871 - 1993)

Source: Fallible Forms and Symbols, 1977

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A Quote by Bernard Mannes Baruch on age, atoms, deception, destruction, faith, hope, lies, peace, salvation, work, and world

Behind the black portent of the new atomic age lies a hope which, seized upon with faith, can work out salvation. . . . Let us not deceive ourselves: we must elect world peace or world destruction.

Bernard Baruch (1870 - 1965)

Source: Address to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission, June 14, I946

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A Quote by Benjamin Franklin on dogs, faith, friendship, money, and wives

There are three faithful friends - an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.

Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790)

Source: Poor Richard’s Almanac

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A Quote by Benjamin Nathan Cardozo on certainty, faith, honesty, men, and sacrifice

What has once been settled by a precedent will not be unsettled overnight, for certainty and uniformity are gains not lightly sacrificed. Above all is this true when honest men have shaped their conduct on the faith of the pronouncement.

Benjamin Cardozo (1870 - 1938)

Source: The Paradoxes of Legal Science

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A Quote by Belle S. Spafford on ability, faith, god, life, success, talent, and world

To me, success is one's ability to keep the faith, develop his God-given talents, and be able to honestly say at the close of life, "the world is a better place because I have lived."

Belle S. Spafford

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A Quote by Barbara B. Smith on beginning, faith, life, love, relationships, and trust

Trust is to human relationships what faith is to gospel living. It is the beginning place, the foundation upon which more can be built. Where trust is, love can flourish.

Barbara B. Smith

Source: Ensign, November 1981, p. 83.

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