A Quote by Russell Page on facts, garden, good, heart, love, and mystery

'Green fingers' are a fact, and a mystery only to the unpracticed. But green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart. A good garden cannot be made by somebody who has not developed the capacity to know and love growing things.

Russell Page

Source: The Education of a Gardener, 1962

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A Quote by Russell W. Davenport on age, belief, facts, men, men and women, progress, and women

Progress in every age results only from the fact that there are some men and women who refuse to believe that what they knew to be right cannot be done.

Russell W. Davenport

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A Quote by Rush H. Limbaugh III on children, facts, freedom, history, honor, individuality, pride, prosperity, respect, responsibility, schools, truth, and world

Regarding Ronald Reagan: In point of fact, the image of Ronald Reagan, the man responsible for shaping that decade (the 1980s), should be carved into Mount Rushmore, minted into coins, and emblazoned in a place of honor in every school child's history text as a constant reminder of this great man's contributions to world freedom, national pride, and individual prosperity. With the truth, the term 'Reaganomics' will be used only as a term of endearment and respect.

Rush Limbaugh (1951 -)

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A Quote by Roy Howard on action, business, certainty, direction, effort, facts, maturity, men, and mind

Salesmen should bear in mind that more mature men who have reached a certain point in business buy rather than are sold. A real salesman does not attempt to sell his prospect but instead directs his efforts towards putting the prospect in a frame of mind so that he will be moved to action by a given set of facts.

Roy Howard

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A Quote by Rollo May on facts, relationships, and tenderness

Tenderness emerges from the fact that the two persons, longing, as all individuals do, to overcome the separateness and isolation to which we are all heir because we are individuals, can participate in a relationship that, for the moment, is not of two isolated selves but a union.

Rollo May (1909 -)

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A Quote by Roger von Oech on college, difficulty, facts, life, problems, thinking, and time

By the time the average person finishes college he or she will have taken over 2,600 tests, quizzes and exams. The 'right answer' approach becomes deeply ingrained in our thinking. This may be fine for some mathematical problems, where there is in fact only one right answer. The difficulty is that most of life isn't that way. Life is ambiguous; there are many right answers - all depending on what you are looking for. But if you think there is only one right answer, then you'll stop looking as soon as you find one

Roger von Oech

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A Quote by Roger Allen on congress, facts, and needs

Congress is continually appointing fact-finding committees, when what we really need are some fact-facing committees.

Roger Allen (1942 -)

Source: Grand Rapids Press

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A Quote by Robert R. Updegraff on day, facts, good, happiness, journeys, life, success, and trouble

Someone has well said, " Success is a journey, not a destination." Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it is too late. Today, this hour, this minute is the day, the hour, the minute for each of us to sense the fact that life is good, with all of its trials and troubles, and perhaps more interesting because of them.

Robert R. Updegraff

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A Quote by Robert Lynd on facts and life


Winter air is one of the things that can be still without being stagnant. As a matter of fact, the stiller it is the more it seems to tingle with life.

Robert Lynd (1879 - 1949)

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A Quote by Robert Keith Leavitt on emotion, facts, good, people, and soul

People don't ask for facts in making up their minds. They would rather have one good, soul - satisfying emotion than a dozen facts.

Robert Keith Leavitt

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