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I believe in the theory of evolution, but I believe as well in the allegorical truth of creation theory. In other words, I believe that evolution, including the principle of natural selection, is one of the tools used by God to create mankind. Mankind is then a participant in the creation of the universe itself, so that we have a closed loop. I believe that there is a level on which science and religious metaphor are mutually compatible.

Chris Langan

Source: ABC Article "Off the Charts: Chris Langan's IQ Sets him Apart"

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I have evolved to listen to the universe and look for signs to see what The Lord wants me to do. Of course, I don't spend my entire life doing this, I still have to work for a living and even then, I often pick up on signs that guide me. It's amazing how many times The Lord communicates with us all, often through other people, events, etc. and how often things work out and go my way as if this is happening mystically but of course, it isn't. I'm just more in tune than most but I am sure there are many who are more in tune than me. Have you never had times in your life where everything seemed to be falling into place, one after another and you feel a sense of elation? That is my life almost on a daily basis.

Mr. Prophet

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Evolution is like sex. Some people don't want to talk about it or even try to deny its very existence. Whereas it is actually the very reason they exist. I find it ironic that for those people these terms are freely exchangeable in this context.

Frederik Kerling

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A Quote by Erin Dalli on evolution

In order to evolve, you must stand still long enough for your Heart to have a Conversation with your Brain.

Erin Dalli

Source: inner being

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A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, self-mastery, buddha, spirit, nietzsche, greeks, power, evolution, development, and culturation

The essence of human spirit would seem to be something static to Buddha: if it has an internal imperative to become something else (something higher or more spiritual), what self-disequilibrium could it suffer from that could nonetheless still be considered spiritual in Buddha's eyes? Nietzsche sought to explain this imperative for self-acculturation, for achieving rational self-mastery, for spiritualization, for self-radicalization and self-sublimation, by means of a "Will to Power" far more comprehensive than moderns (with only the cheapest and most facile grasp of "power") can understand. As a philhellene Nietzsche perceives and respects what the Greeks took for granted, that "power" above all else must be self-reflexive, an expression of aristic self-moderation (their anti-hybristic ethos and its correlative contempt for idiotia): "power" to the Greeks is moral and philosophical and cultural and political authority because it expresses itself in the hardest thing of all for humans to achieve, self-mastery.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by William James on evolution, life, and spirit

There is no being capable of a spiritual life who does not have within him a jungle.  Where the wolf constantly HOWLS and the OBSCENE bird of night chatters endlessly.

William James (1842 - 1910)

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on evolution

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

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As each soul brings what it has learned from its life experience, that which is God is enriched but the soul that comes to God is not the soul you have lived with, it is the soul you were born with, enriched by your life experience but not tainted by it. God does not evolve, neither does the soul you were born with as they are a constant and evolved far beyond human beings.

Mr. Prophet

Source: Book: "The Path"

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 You are a powerful, unlimited and eternal soul who is here to enjoy the experience of creativity and contribute to humanity's evolution.


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