A Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson on eternity, joy, mind, nature, perception, science, space, stars, time, unity, and universe

The perception of this law of laws awakens in the mind a sentiment which we call the religious sentiment, and which makes our highest happiness.  Wonderful is its power to charm and to command.  It is a mountain air.  It is the embalmer of the world.  It is myrrh and storax, and chlorine and rosemary.  It makes the sky and the hills sublime, and the silent song of the stars is it.  By it, is the universe made safe and habitable, not by science or power.  Thought may work cold and intransitive in things, and find no end or unity; but the dawn of the sentiment of virtue on the heart, gives and is the assurance that Law is sovereign over all natures; and the worlds, time, space, eternity, do seem to break out into joy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)

Source: Divinity School Address

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A Quote by Emily Dickinson on consciousness, eternity, pain, sea, and time

You left me boundaries of pain
Capacious as the sea,
Between eternity and time,
Your consciousness and me.

Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Source: Bequest

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A Quote by Rolf Jacobsen on earth, eternity, and people

Sssh says the ocean
Sssh says the small wave at the shore ~ sssh
not so violent, not
so proud, not
so remarkable.
says the surf
crowding around the outcrops,
washing the shore. Sssh,
they say to people,
this is our Earth,
our eternity.

Rolf Jacobsen

Source: Night Open: Selected Poems of Rolf Jacobsen

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A Quote by Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein on eternity, infinity, life, and time

If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.

Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889 - 1951)

Source: The Infinite

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A Quote by Kahlil Gibran on dream, eternity, and spring

In the depths of your hopes and desires lies your silent knowledge of the beyond;
And like seeds dreaming beneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.
Trust the dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

Source: The Prophet

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A Quote by Henry Vaughan on eternity and light

I saw Eternity the other night
Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
All calm as it was bright.

Henry Vaughan (1622 - 1695)

Source: Come Back to Me My Language: Poetry and the West Indies

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A Quote by Edgar Allan Poe on dream, eternity, and wisdom

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.  In their gray visions they obtain glimpses of eternity, and thrill, in waking, to find that they have been upon the verge of the great secret.  In snatches, they learn something of the wisdom which is of good, and more of the mere knowledge which is of evil.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849)

Source: The Complete Tales & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

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A Quote by Emmylou Harris on eternity and light

So there'll be no guiding light for you and me
We are not sailors lost out on the sea
We were always headed toward eternity
Hoping for a glimpse of Galilee

Emmylou Harris

Source: The Pearl

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A Quote by Barbara Kingsolver on awareness, eternity, infinity, and people

Awareness is everything. ... People worry a lot more about the eternity after their deaths than the eternity that happened before they were born.  But it's the same amount of infinity, rolling out in all directions from where we stand.

Barbara Kingsolver

Source: Animal Dreams

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