A Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. on discontent, equality, and freedom

The sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality.

Martin Luther King Jr (1929 - 1968)

Source: Address at Lincoln Memorial during March on Washington, 28 Aug 63.

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A Quote by Marlo Thomas on equality and justice

One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man.

Marlo Thomas (1943 -)

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A Quote by Lloyd Thomas on defeat, equality, generations, opportunity, and problems

We have a problem for those who advocate competitive equality of opportunity: the prizes won in the competitions of the first generation will tend to defeat the requirements of equality of opportunity for the next.

Lloyd Thomas

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A Quote by Joseph R. Garber on achievement, bitterness, equality, good, happiness, harmony, libraries, police, politics, power, respect, self-respect, speech, superiority, thought, tolerance, truth, and women

I cannot feel good about being a woman unless you feel bad about being a man. I cannot be proud of being black unless you are ashamed of being white. I cannot respect myself for being gay unless you are embarrassed that you are straight. Tolerance has been put by the boards; it is a stale and bitter thing and we will have none of it. Equality, likewise; is condescending at best and in truth intended to demean. If I am to achieve the inner harmony and self-respect that is my due, it will not suffice for you and I to be equals. No! Nothing less than superiority will make me happy. And to ensure that I make my point, I shall commend your libraries to the flames, rewrite your histories, purge your dictionaries, and arm the thought police with power to enforce political correctness in all speech and apprehension.

Joseph R. Garber

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A Quote by John Randolph of Roanoke on benevolence, devil, equality, independence, interest, liberty, love, men, needs, power, principles, religion, selfishness, and trying

The principle of liberty and equality, if coupled with mere selfishness, will make men only devils, each trying to be independent that he may fight only for his own interest. And here is the need of religion and its power, to bring in the principle of benevolence and love to men.

John Randolph (1773 - 1833)

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A Quote by John Locke on age, authority, birth, equality, freedom, gratitude, justice, men, merit, nature, respect, understanding, and virtue

Though I have said above. . . . That all men by Nature are equal, I cannot be supposed to understand all sorts of Equality: Age or Virtue may give Men a just Precedency: Excellency of Parts and Merit may place others above the common level: Birth may subject some, and Alliance or Benefits others, to pay an Observance to those to whom Nature, Gratitude or other Respects may have made it due; and yet all this consists with the Equality which all men are in, in respect of Jurisdiction or Dominion one over another, which was the Equality I there spoke of . . . being that equal Right that every Man hath, to his natural Freedom, without being subjected to the Will or Authority of any other Man.

John Locke (1632 - 1704)

Source: Second Treatise of Government, 1690

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A Quote by Jimmy Carter on economics, equality, stability, women, and work

The first step in providing economic equality for women is to ensure a stable economy in which every person who wants to work can work.

Jimmy Carter (1924 -)

Source: Speech at Women's Agenda Conference, Washington, D.C., October 2, 1976

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A Quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau on behavior, citizenship, civil rights, equality, judgment, justice, laws, liberty, men, politics, reason, and rules

It is to law alone that men owe justice and liberty. It is this salutary organ, of the will of all which establishes in civil rights the natural equality between men. It is this celestial voice which dictates to each citizen the precepts of public reason, and teaches him to act according to the rules of his own judgment and not to behave inconsistently with himself. It is with this voice alone that political leaders should speak when. they command.

Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778)

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A Quote by Irving Kristol on democracy, equality, and opportunity

Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions - it only guarantees equality of opportunity.

Irving Kristol

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A Quote by Jean Iris Murdoch on equality

The cry of equality pulls everyone down.

Iris Murdoch (1919 - 1999)

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