A Quote by Maharamayana on conciousness, liberation, and enlightenment

Whatever you are doing, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, or saying, realize your essential nature as pure Consciousness. This is the way to liberation.


Source: The Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus (Wisdom of the Masters Series)

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A Quote by ramakrishna on spiritual awareness, enlightenment, love, conscious, servant of god, god, and source

Those whose spiritual awareness has been awakened never make a false move. They don't have to avoid evil. They are so replete with love that whatever they do is a good action. They are fully conscious that they are not the doer of their actions, but only servants of God.


Source: The Wisdom of the Hindu Gurus (Wisdom of the Masters Series)

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on ken wilber, eye of spirit, enlightenment, awake, being, spirit, duty, and great search

And whatever the form of your own resurrection, you will arise, driven not by the Great Search, but by your own Great Duty, your limitless Dharma, the manifestation of your own highest potentials, and the world will begin to change because of you. And you will never flinch, and you will never fail in that great Duty, and you will never turn away, because simple, ever-present awareness will be with you now and forever, even unto the end of the worlds, because now and forever and endlessly forever, there is only Spirit, only intrinsic awareness of just this, and nothing more.

Ken Wilber

Source: The Eye of Spirit : An Integral Vision for a World Gone Slightly Mad, Pages: 307

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A Quote by Swami Sai Premananda on mind, spirituality, enlightenment, and guru

A limiting mind in spirituality gets you nowhere. Always remember that. If you limit [God], you limit yourself.

Swami Sai Premananda

Source: Principles of Higher Living: The Western Experience Upon the Shores of Eastern Wisdom

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A Quote by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky on consciousness, altered states, epilepsy, seizure, and enlightenment

FD suffered epletic "fits" (as they were known then). In 'The Idiot', he writes of his experience in the third person.

"He remembered that he always had one minute just before the epleptic fit when suddenly in the midst of sadness, spiritual darkness and oppression, there seemed at moments a flash of light in his brain, and with extraordinary impetus all his vital forces suddenly began working at their highest tension. The sense of life, the consciousness of self,  were multiplied ten times at these moments which passed like a flash of lightning. His mind and heart were flooded with extraordinary light... But these moments, these flashes, were only the prelude of that final second in which the fit began."

FD went on to say that regardless of the "abnormalcy" of his disease that those moments were of "the highest form of existence" and "the acme of harmony and beauty". He concludes with a Rumiesque phrase.

"at the very last conscious moment before the fit began, he had time to say to himself clearly and consciously, "Yes, for this moment one might give one's whole life!"

Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 - 1881)

Source: The Idiot

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A Quote by unknown on saying, enlightenment, and know

There's a saying: "Everybody's heading for enlightenment. Only the enlightened ones know it."


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A Quote by unknown on enlightenment, breathe, and encouragement

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Forget this and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems.


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A Quote by Ann-Mari Ahlstedt on enemy, enemies, stand, lurk, hide, hiding, within, self knowledge, insight, and enlightenment

The Enemy never stands before you--(s)he always lurks within.

Ami Ahlstedt

Source: Ami Ahlstedt's personal writing

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A Quote by Robert A. Thurman on enlightenment, all that is, knowledge, suffering, and euphoria

To become enlightened is not just to slip into some disconnected euphoria, an oceanic feeling of mystic oneness apart from ordinary reality. It is not even to come up with a solution, a sort of formula to control realtity. Rather, it is an experience of release from all compulsions and sufferings, combined with a precise awareness of any relavent subject of knowledge. Having attained enlightenment one knows everything that matters, and the precise nature of all that is.

Robert Thurman

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A Quote by Andrew Cohen on politically correct, narcissism, ego, enlightenment, consciousness, culture, and collective

I know it’s not politically correct these days to say that one is doing something “new,” but at the risk of offending a few more people, I really believe I am. Perhaps it is just my narcissism, but in the end, history will be my judge. I know that this will never become a mass movement, because for all the reasons I’ve explained and more, it is just too demanding for most people. But nevertheless, I am convinced that our success in transcending the ego together, so that a truly enlightened consciousness and culture permanently emerges and becomes stable, is inherently of profound significance for our collective future.

Andrew Cohen

Source: A Declaration of Integrity -- An open letter from Andrew Cohen to his friends and foes

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