A Quote by Daisy Bates on enemies, idealism, and women

No man or woman who tries to pursue an ideal in his or her own way is without enemies.

Daisy Bates (1863 - 1951)

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A Quote by Col. John S. Roosma on ability, body, challenge, cheerfulness, control, disappointment, discipline, enemies, life, simplicity, soldiers, and temper

One of man's finest qualities is described by the simple word " guts "-the ability to take it. If you have the discipline to stand fast when your body wants to run, if you can control your temper and remain cheerful in the face of monotony or disappointment, you have " guts " in the soldiering sense. This ability to take it must be trained-the training is hard, mental as well as physical. But once ingrained, you can face and flail the enemy as a soldier, and enjoy the challenges of life as a civilian.

Col. John S. Roosma

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A Quote by Claire Booth Luce on enemies


I don't have a warm personal enemy left. They've all died off. I miss them terribly because they helped define me.

Claire Booth Luce (1905 - 1987)

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A Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero on enemies


A man has no enemy worse than himself.

Cicero (106 - 43 BC)

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A Quote by Chuang Chou, a.k.a. Chuang Tzu, Chuang Tse Chuang on colors, desires, enemies, failure, happiness, heart, life, love, men, nature, and originality

Love of colors bewilders the eye and it fails to see right. Love of harmonies bewitches the ear, and it loses its true hearing. Love of perfumes fills the head with dizziness. Love of flavors ruins the taste. Desires unsettle the heart until the original nature runs amok. These five are enemies of true life. Yet these are what men of discernment claim to live for. They are not what I live for. If this is life, then pigeons in a cage have found happiness!

Chuang Tzu (c.360 BC - c. 275 BC)

Source: Quotations from Chuang Tzu, (12:15, p. 118)

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A Quote by Christian Nestell Bovée on enemies and imagination

A panic is a sudden desertion of us, and a going over to the enemy, of our imagination.

Christian Bovee (1820 - 1904)

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A Quote by Chief Yellow Lark on beauty, brothers, enemies, learning, life, needs, prayer, respect, shame, spirit, strength, weakness, wisdom, and world

A Native American Prayer. O' Great Spirit Whose voice I hear in the winds And whose breath gives life To all the world Hear me! I am small and weak, I need your strength and wisdom, Let me walk in beauty And make my eyes ever behold The red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect The things you have made And my ears sharp To hear your voice Make me wise So I may see ever so clearly The ways you have to teach me Let me learn The lessons you have hidden in every leaf and cloud I seek your strength, Not to be greater then my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy... Myself Make me always ready to come to you With clean hands And straight eyes So when life fades, as the fading sunset, My spirit may come to you Without shame.

Chief Yellow Lark

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A Quote by Charles Caleb Colton on companions, enemies, friendship, humility, prejudice, time, and truth

The greatest friend of truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humility.

Charles Colton (c.1780 - 1832)

Source: wrote Lacon,,2 volumes of aphorisms

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A Quote by Brigham Young on enemies, fatherhood, and god

All we have to do is to go onward and upward, and keep the commandments of our Father and God; and he will confound our enemies.

Brigham Young (1801 - 1877)

Source: Journal of Discourses 19:50.

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A Quote by Bill Clinton on enemies, hatred, peace, people, and risk

He was a martyr of peace but was the victim of hate. If people can't let go of the hatred of their enemies they risk sowing the seeds of hate among themselves.

Bill Clinton

Source: Remarks at Funeral of Yitzhak Rabin, late Prime Minister of Israel 6 November 1995

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