A Quote by Dr. Linus Carl Pauling on effort, justice, nations, needs, problems, science, solution, spirit, and truth

Science is the search for truth - it is not a game in which one tries to beat his opponent, to do harm to others. We need to have the spirit of science in international affairs, to make the conduct of international affairs the effort to find the right solution, the just solution of international problems, not the effort by each nation to get the better of other nations, to do harm to them when it is possible.

Dr. Linus Carl Pauling (1901 - 1994)

Source: No More War!

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A Quote by Dr. John H. Finley on consequences, economics, effort, life, and mind

We are making stupendous effort to extend the physical and economic life of the many. But of what high consequence is that extension unless the activity of the mind is also extended, unless we strive ever to live better, rather than simply to make a better living?

Dr. John H. Finley

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A Quote by Dr. James Bryant Conant on change, country, democracy, desires, education, effort, future, income, and teachers

Public education is a great instrument of social change. Through it, if we so desire, we can make our country more nearly a democracy without classes. To do so will require the efforts of us all-teachers, administrators, taxpayers and statesmen. Education is a social process, perhaps the most important process in determining the future of our country; it should command a far larger portion of our national income than it does today.

James Bryant Conant (1893 - 1978)

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A Quote by Dr. Alexis Carrel on achievement, body, disease, effort, failure, force, melancholy, men, mind, prayer, serenity, spirit, strength, and therapy

Prayer is a force as real as terrestrial gravity. As a physician, I have seen men, after all other therapy had failed, lifted out of disease and melancholy by the serene effort of prayer. Only in prayer do we achieve that complete and harmonious assembly of body, mind and spirit which gives the frail human reed its unshakable strength.

Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873 - 1944)

Source: Tocqueville in Democracy in America, 1835

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A Quote by Dr. Alexis Carrel on effort and people

Everyone makes a greater effort to hurt other people than to help himself.

Dr. Alexis Carrel (1873 - 1944)

Source: Tocqueville in Democracy in America, 1835

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A Quote by Dr. Albert Schweitzer on effort, ethics, rest, and struggle

A flock of wild geese had settled to rest on a pond. One of the flock had been captured by a gardener, who had clipped its wings before releasing it. When the geese started to resume their flight, this one tried frantically, but vainly, to lift itself into the air. The others, observing his struggles, flew about in obvious efforts to encourage him; but it was no use. Thereupon, the entire flock settled back on the pond and waited, even though the urge to go on was strong within them. For several days they waited until the damaged feather had grown sufficiently to permit the goose to fly. Meanwhile, the unethical gardener, having been converted by the ethical geese, gladly watched them as they finally rose together and all resumed their long flight.

Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)

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A Quote by Don DeLillo on anxiety, chaos, control, death, design, dignity, effort, failure, funerals, government, laws, life, nations, order, perfection, and world

We start our lives in chaos, in babble. As we surge up into the world, we try to devise a shape, a plan. There is dignity in this. Your whole life is a plot, a scheme, a diagram. It is a failed scheme but that's not the point. To plot is to affirm life, to seek shape and control. Even after death, most particularly after death, the search continues. Burial rites are an attempt to complete the scheme, in ritual. Picture a state funeral. It is all precision, detail, order, design. The nation holds its breath. The efforts of a huge and powerful government are brought to bear on a ceremony that will shed the last trace of chaos. If all geos well, if they bring it off, some natural law of perfection is obeyed. The nation is delivered from anxiety, the deceased's life is redeemed, life itself is strengthened, reaffirmed

Don DeLillo

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A Quote by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on achievement, action, decisions, effort, fate, and god

We achieve everything by our efforts alone. Our fate is not decided by an almighty God. We decide our own fate by our actions. You have to gain mastery over yourself. . . . It is not a matter of sitting back and accepting.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (1945 -)

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A Quote by David Starr Jordan on action, chance, charity, effort, evil, good, happiness, laws, life, energy, losing, misery, power, success, and wealth

The physiological law of Transfer of Energy is the basis of human success and happiness. There is no action without expenditure of energy, and if energy be not expended the power to generate it is lost. This law shows itself in a thousand ways in the life of man. The arm which is not used becomes palsied. The wealth which comes by chance weakens and destroys. The good which is unused turns to evil. The charity which asks no effort cannot relieve the misery she creates.

David Starr Jordan (1851 - 1931)

Source: The Strength of Being Clean

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A Quote by David Oman McKay on action, desires, effort, idealism, mind, motives, nobility, purity, and words

The Savior's constant desire and effort were to implant in the mind right thoughts, pure motives, noble ideals, knowing full well that right words and actions would inevitably follow.

David McKay (1873 - 1970)

Source: Conference Report, April 1967.

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