A Quote by Theodore Roosevelt on education, mind, and society

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858 - 1919)

Source: —ALBERT W. DAW collection

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A Quote by Tammy Faye Bakker on education, god, and relationships

You can educate yourself right out of a relationship with God.

Tammy Faye Bakker (1942 -)

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A Quote by Tallulah Bankhead on education and liberals

I read Shakespeare and the Bible, and I can shoot dice. That's what I call a liberal education.

Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)

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A Quote by Sydney J. Harris on education, leisure, liberals, mind, and purpose

The primary purpose of a liberal education is to make one's mind a pleasant place in which to spend one's leisure.

Sydney J. Harris (1917 - 1986)

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A Quote by Sterling W. Sill on confidence, difficulty, education, god, good, intelligence, life, people, responsibility, selfishness, soul, and world

Certainly the greatest values in the world are human values, and the most worthwhile ambitions in people have to do with building human beings. The most important responsibility that God has ever laid upon the shoulders of any human being is that of making the best and the most of his own life. I heard of somebody once who said he was interested in doing the greatest amount of good for the greatest number, and that the greatest number was number one. That was himself. That may sound like a little bit of selfishness, but if that is selfishness, at least it is a very intelligent selfishness. Everyone has a right to be interested in himself, and I am confident that God wants us to be interested in ourselves first; that is, the first soul that anyone should bring to God should be his own soul. We cannot do very much for anyone else until we have first done something for ourselves. That is, it is pretty difficult to give someone else an education unless we have some education ourselves. It is pretty hard to get someone else to think unless we ourselves are thinkers.

Sterling W. Sill (1903 - 1994)

Source: Speech at BYU, November 9 1965

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A Quote by Stephen R. Covey on achievement, day, education, good, mind, schools, and study

To focus on technique is like cramming your way through school. You sometimes get by, perhaps even get good grades, but if you don't pay the price, day in and day out, you never achieve true mastery of the subjects you study or develop and educated mind.

Stephen Covey (1932 -)

Source: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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A Quote by Sir Thomas Beecham on angels, business, children, christmas, earth, education, fatherhood, good, justice, mercy, music, peace, retirement, study, and women

'My father,' Beecham confided, 'came to me one Christmas and said, "Look, here, my lad, I've been spendin' a lot o' brass on your musical education, and now Ah wants you to help me." (Every year Beecham's Pills produced a Christmas Carol Annual). "Now Tom," continued my father, "I want you to go through the Annual and alter some of th' verses so as to promote th' business."' Thomas retired to his study and came up with the following: Hark! the herald angels sing! Beecham's Pills are just the thing, Two for a woman one for a child. . . . Peace on Earth and mercy mild! 'These sentiments,' Beecham related, 'especially the ellipsis, seem to me admirably to express the rapture which is occasioned by a good effortless release.'

Sir Thomas Beecham (1879 - 1961)

Source: Neville Cardus:Autobiography

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A Quote by Sir Richard Steele on education, liberals, and love

Though her mien carries much more invitation than command, to behold her is an immediate check to loose behaviour; to love her was a liberal education.

Sir Richard Steele (1672 - 1729)

Source: Tatler. No. 49.

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A Quote by Sigmund Freud on civilization, education, fear, motives, people, and religion

Civilization has little to fear from educated people and brain-workers. In them the replacement of religious motives for civilized behaviours by other, secular motives, would proceed unobtrusively. . . .

Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939)

Source: Sigmund Freud, 1927

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A Quote by Sherwood Anderson on decisions, education, judgment, and mind

The whole object of education is, or should be, to develop minds. The mind should be a thing that works. It should be able to pass judgment on events as they arise, make decisions.

Sherwood Anderson (1876 - 1941)

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