A Quote by Murray Rothbard on government, subsidies, grants, transfer payments, licenses, monopoly rights, economy, and politics

Governmental subsidy systems promote inefficiency in production and efficiency in coercion and subservience, while penalizing efficiency in production and inefficiency in predation.

Murray Rothbard

Source: Man, Economy, and State (

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A Quote by Earon on story of stuff, sustainability, environment, production, economy, human race, ideologies, theologies, and worthless products

The human race will quickly learn to live sustainably once its greatest minds are no longer awestruck by egotistical ideologies and theologies that divide humanity, and no longer find themselves wasting valuable human and natural resources in the development, design, production, marketing and sales of worthles products.

Earon Davis

Source: Earon Davis

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A Quote by Ludwig von Mises on economic progress, development, wealth, capitalism, economy, politics, and coercion

What is called economic progress is the joint effect of the activities of the three progressive groups—or classes—of the savers, the scientist-inventors, and the entrepreneurs, operating in a market economy as far as it is not sabotaged by the endeavors of the nonprogressive majority of the routinists and the public policies supported by them.

Ludwig von Mises

Source: Mises, Ludwig Von (1962). The Ultimate foundation of Economic Science (2nd ed.). Foundation of Economic Education: Irvington-on-Hudson, NY. p. 127

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A Quote by Will O'Brien on capitalism, love, marxism, socialism, economy, and economics

When we truly discover love, capitalism will not be possible and Marxism will not be necessary.

Will O'Brien

Source: The Irresistible Revolution

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A Quote by John V. Denson on war, state, liberty, freedom, economy, and society

We should learn from the war and welfare century that the greatest discovery in Western civilization was that liberty could be achieved only through the proper and effective limitation on the power of the state. It is this limitation on the power of the state which protects private property, a free-market economy, personal liberties and promotes a noninterventionist foreing policy, which, if coupled with a strong national defense, will bring peace and prosperity instead of war and welfare. It is not democracy per se which protects freedom.

John Denson

Source: A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt, Pages: 31

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A Quote by John V. Denson on war, peace, speacial interest, economy, and politics

The highest risk for war is where various economic interests are able to control foreign policy to promote their particular interests rather than the well-being and liberty of the individuals within a society.

John Denson

Source: A Century of War: Lincoln, Wilson and Roosevelt, Pages: 32

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A Quote by St.Clair on living, wealth, health, choices, awareness, appreciation, and economy

The healthy model of economy is about right living, and only through right living will human beings stop polluting their world and begin to show respect, gratitude and love to the planet that sustains them.


Source: Zen of Stars: Futures of Planet Earth; p. 331

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A Quote by Diane MacEachern on money, economy, market, women, and business

Women spend 80 cents of every dollar in the marketplace. We could be the most powerful force for economic and environmental change in the 21st century if we focused our money where it could make the biggest difference. If a million people did that, it would have a $1 billion impact.

Diane MacEachern

Source: A greener planet begins under the kitchen sink:

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A Quote by James A. Autry on community, management, leadership, compassion, and economy

Business, like art and science, has been revealed and conceived through the intellect and imagination of people, and it develops or declines because of the intellect and imagination of people.
In fact, there is no business; there are only people. Business exists only *among* people and *for* people.Seems simple enough, and it applies to every aspect of business, but not enough businesspeople seem to get it.Reading the economic forecasts and the indicators and the ratios and the rates for this or that, someone from another planet might actually believe that there really are invisible hands at work in the marketplace.

James Autry

Source: Love and Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership, Pages: 39

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A Quote by Herman Daly on sustainability, economy, and environment

The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the reverse.

Herman Daly

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