A Quote by Catherine M. Fanshawe on confession, earth, heaven, hell, and rest

'T was whispered in heaven, 't was mutter'd in hell, And echo caught faintly the sound as it fell; On the confines of earth 't was permitted to rest, And the depths of the ocean its presence confess'd.

Catherine M. Fanshawe (1764 - 1834)

Source: Enigma. The letter H.

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A Quote by Carol Williams on animals, difficulty, earth, health, life, people, thought, and work

An agricultural adage says the tiny animals that live below the surface of a healthy pasture weigh more than the cows grazing above it. In a catalogue selling composting equipment I read that two handfuls of healthy soil contain more living organisms than there are people on the earth. What these beings are and what they can be doing is difficult to even begin to comprehend, but it helps to realize that even thought they are many, they work as one.

Carol Williams

Source: Bringing a Garden to Life, 1998

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A Quote by Carl Sandburg on earth, heart, mankind, mind, paradox, and peace

Not often in the story of mankind does a man arrive on earth who is both steel and velvet, who is as hard as a rock and soft as drifting fog, who holds in his heart and mind the paradox of terrible storm and peace unspeakable and perfect.

Carl Sandburg (1878 - 1967)

Source: address to joint session,Congress on Abraham Lincoln's 150th birthday, 1959, Cong.Record, vol. 105, p. 2265.

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A Quote by Carl Gustav Jung on age, earth, force, god, mercy, nature, power, soul, and world

Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides, and inundations, modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche. This is the World Power that vastly exceeds all other powers on earth. The Age of Enlightenment, which stripped nature and human institutions of gods, overlooked the God of Terror who dwells in the human soul.

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

Source: The Development of Personality (1934)

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A Quote by C. Hoppe on earth, fighting, hope, life, and needs

I hope my achievements in life shall be these: That I will have fought for what was right and fair, that I will have risked for that which mattered, that I will have given help to those who were in need . . . That I will have left the earth a better place for what I've done and who I've been.

C. Hoppe

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A Quote by Bruce R. McConkie on earth, laws, life, mortality, principles, saints, and work

We are here on earth to work-to work long, hard, arduous hours, to work until our backs ache and our tired muscles knot, to work all our days. This mortal probation is one in which we are to eat our bread in the sweat of our faces until we return to the dust from whence we came. Work is the law of life; it is the ruling principle in the lives of the Saints.

Bruce R. McConkie (1915 - 1985)

Source: Ensign, May 1979, p. 93.

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A Quote by Bruce Hagen on earth, freedom, fulfillment, home, life, nations, and spirit

I pledge devotion to the earth, our one and only home, and to the life this earth sustains; one nation, one spirit indivisible, with freedom and fulfillment for all.

Bruce Hagen

Source: New Pledge of Allegiance, 1983

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A Quote by Brooke Foss Westcott on atheism, charm, christianity, church, conscience, day, duty, divinity, earth, faith, fatherhood, future, generations, god, heaven, language, life, men, past, practicality, pride, rest, separation, present, thought, trad

It is not enough to hold that God did great things for our fathers: not enough to pride ourselves on the inheritance of victories of faith: not enough to build the sepulchres of those who were martyred by men unwilling, in their day of trial as we may be in our own, to hear new voices of a living God. Our duty is to see whether God is with us; whether we expect great things from Him; whether we do not practically place Him far off, forgetting that, if He is, He is about us, speaking to us words that have not been heard before, guiding us to paths on which earlier generations have not been able to enter. There is - most terrible thought! - a practical atheism, orthodox in language, reverent in bearing, which can enter a Christian church and charm the conscience to rest with shadowy traditions; an atheism which grows incessantly within us if we separate what cannot be separated with impunity, the secular from the divine, the past and the future from the present, earth from heaven, the things of Caesar from the things of God.

Brooke Foss Westcott (1825 - 1901)

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A Quote by Bob Talbert on earth and peace

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

Bob Talbert

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A Quote by Blaise Pascal on adultery, animals, desires, destruction, earth, emptiness, god, good, happiness, lies, losing, nature, plants, reason, survival, present, vices, and war

What does this desire and this inability of ours proclaim to us but that there was once in man a genuine happiness, of which nothing now survives but the mark and the empty outline; and this he vainly tries to fill from everything that lies around him, seeking from things that are not there the help that he does not get from those that are present? Yet they are quite incapable of filling the gap, because this infinite gulf can only be filled by an infinite and immutable object - that is, God, Himself. He alone is man's veritable good, and since man has deserted Him it is a strange thing that there is nothing in nature that has not been capable of taking His place for man: stars, sky, earth, elements, plants, cabbages, leeks, animals, insects, calves, serpents, fever, plague, war, famine, vices, adultery, incest. And since he has lost the true good, everything can equally appear to him as such - even his own destruction, though that is so contrary at once to God, to reason, and to nature.

Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662)

Source: Pensées. 1670.

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