A Quote by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus on duty, justice, simple, pure, and friend

Keep yourself simple, good, pure, serious, and unassuming; the friend of justice and godliness; kindly, affectionate, and resolute in your devotion to duty.

Marcus Aurelius (121 - 180)

Source: Meditations (Penguin Great Ideas)

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A Quote by Swami Sai Premananda on love, changing the world, simplicity, and duty

It’s very simple; it’s not complicated. If you want to go home and complicate it with the mind and say, “Oh I can’t do this,” then you’ll never do it. But if you simply accept the truth and do, then it will come very quickly. Don’t let the mind complicate your life; always be simple. Start off by doing simple acts of love. To people and friends whom you haven’t said, “I love you,” to in a long time, send an email out tomorrow: “How are you? I’m just sending a loving thought to you.” You’ll see what happens. When you leave a shop, turn around and tell the person, “Have a nice day.” Then you’ll see how you change that person’s point of view and how happy they feel. Wear a smile on your face when you walk the street and see how many people will smile back at you. Have a wilful feeling that everybody should feel love today in a small way. It starts by you doing something in a small way to make someone very happy. If you know something is going to make someone happy, then go out of your way and make them happy. That is our duty as human beings. Can you imagine if everyone lived with this principle? Everyone you talk to would be trying to make you happy. How beautiful is this?

Swami Sai Premananda

Source: Principles of Higher Living: The Western Experience Upon the Shores of Eastern Wisdom

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A Quote by Henry Brooks Adams on world, reform, evil, duty, boys, politics, and hatred

Resistance to something was the law of New England nature; the boy looked out on the world with the instinct of resistance; numberless generations his predecessors had viewed the world chiefly as a thing to be reformed, filled with evil forces to be abolished, and they saw no reason to suppose that they had wholly succeeded in the abolition; the duty was unchanged. That duty implied not only resistance to evil, but hatred of it. Boys naturally look on all force as an enemy, and generally find it so, but the New Englander, whether boy or man, in his long struggle with a stingy or hostile universe, had learned also to love the pleasure of hating.
Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, had always been the systematic organization of hatreds.

Henry Adams (1838 - 1918)

Source: The Education of Henry Adams

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on love, duty, and master

Love is a better master than duty.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on ken wilber, eye of spirit, enlightenment, awake, being, spirit, duty, and great search

And whatever the form of your own resurrection, you will arise, driven not by the Great Search, but by your own Great Duty, your limitless Dharma, the manifestation of your own highest potentials, and the world will begin to change because of you. And you will never flinch, and you will never fail in that great Duty, and you will never turn away, because simple, ever-present awareness will be with you now and forever, even unto the end of the worlds, because now and forever and endlessly forever, there is only Spirit, only intrinsic awareness of just this, and nothing more.

Ken Wilber

Source: The Eye of Spirit : An Integral Vision for a World Gone Slightly Mad, Pages: 307

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A Quote by Warren Cooley on duty, love, relationships, marriage, sex, and couples


The duty of love proceeds from logic.  A fundamental truth of love is that it is always for creation. It is also a fundamental truth of lovers that they can never know what is best for their beloved.  Therefore the harsh duty of love is to let go.

Warren Cooley

Source: from the Thirteen Rules of Love

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A Quote by Dag Hammarskjöld on leader, position, duty, living, life, guide others, loving, exemplary life, and responsibility

Your position never gives you the right to command. It only imposes on you the duty of so living your life that others can receive your orders without being humiliated.

Dag Hammarskjold (1905 - 1961)

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A Quote by Brian on spirituality, duty, spirit, bodhisattva, path, potential, and zaadz

I strongly believe that nothing is more spiritual than living at our highest potential while serving others. I believe that the more closely aligned we are to “spirit” the more fully we will give ourselves in service to the world. As such, my “spiritual path” is the path that leads me to a more complete manifestation of my unique Bodhisattvic duties.

Brian Johnson

Source: www.c4chaos.com: B-SCAN with Brian Johnson (a.k.a. CEO+Philosopher of Zaadz)

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A Quote by Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill on acting, conviction, duty, good, and indifference

So long as I am acting from duty and conviction, I am indifferent to taunts and jeers. I think they will probably do me more good than harm.

Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

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A Quote by Mother Teresa on death, duty, god, humility, people, play, pride, sleep, and trust

If you are discouraged it is a sign of pride, because it shows you trust in your own powers. Never bother about other people's opinions. Be humble and you will never be disturbed. Remember St. Aloysius, who said he would continue to play billiards even if he knew he was going to die. Do you play well? Sleep well? Eat well? These are duties. Nothing is small for God.

Mother Teresa (1910 - 1998)

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