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What if, by introducing healing sounds and intentions to the genome, sounds and intentions that derive from the same unified torsion energy of Source that I will argue ... is unconditional love, it is possible to key transposons in potential DNA to rearrange themselves and play the energy body in a higher octave, one more in tune with the unlimited creative consciousness of nonlocalized mind? What if we can thus raise the harmonics of our system of electromagnetic fields and fully align ourselves with our Higher Selves? What if by raising our vibratory frequency from within, we can repattern our electromagnetic blueprint and seal the Fragmentary Body, allowing us to transcend limiting dualistic patterns and elements related to these patterns—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual?

Sol Luckman

Source: Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method, Pages: 67

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A Quote by Prem Rawat on peace, truth, and duality

Peace is when the heart is no longer in duality, when the struggle within has been resolved.... A voice has been calling out: "What you are looking for is within you. Your truth is within you, your peace is within you..."

Prem Rawat

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A Quote by Joseph Curiale on good, bad, positive, negative, and duality

“Looking for the good in everything is equally as misguided as looking for the bad in everything.”

Joseph Curiale

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A Quote by Kahlil Gibran on acceptance and duality

If I accept the sunshine
and warmth,
then I must also accept
the thunder and lightning.

Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

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A Quote by Jim Collins on level 5 leaders, duality, modest, willful, humble, and fearless

Level 5 leaders are a study in duality: modest and willful, humble and fearless.

Jim Collins

Source: Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't, Pages: 22

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