A Quote by Sir Roger Bannister on driving, effort, and pain

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.

Sir Roger Bannister (1929 -)

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A Quote by Dr. Samuel Johnson on anxiety, complaints, driving, and mind

When any fit of anxiety or gloominess or perversion of the mind lays hold upon you, make it a rule not to publish it by complaints but exert your whole care to hide it. By endeavoring to hide it, you will drive it away.

Samuel Johnson (1709 - 1784)

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A Quote by Saint Basil the Great on driving, fortune, good, hunger, and trouble

Troubles are usually the brooms and shovels that smooth the road to a good man's fortune; and many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away hunger.

Saint Basil the Great (329 - 379)

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A Quote by Russell Baker on driving and people

The people who are always hankering loudest for some golden yesteryear usually drive new cars.

Russell Baker

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A Quote by Rush H. Limbaugh III on bankers, blindness, business, cities, driving, government, jobs, leadership, and machines

government barriers on Business For example, the Endangered Species Act prevents 'disturbing the habitat' of the spotted owl. That has restricted 4.2 million acres of forest from development, leading to the loss of 30,000 lumber-related jobs and the annual loss of 1.1 billion board feet of lumber. This has driven up the cost of houses by at least $4,000 each. In addition, regulators ordered a Kansas City bank to install a Braille keypad on its drive-through automatic teller machine, presumably to aid any blind drivers. The list goes on and on.

Rush Limbaugh (1951 -)

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A Quote by Ronald Wilson Reagan on driving and government

The best view of government is in the rearview mirror as you're driving away from it.

Ronald Reagan (1911 -)

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A Quote by Robert Solow on ambition, driving, goals, good, ideas, kindness, mistakes, niceness, and people

It is a good idea to be ambitious, to have goals, to want to be good at what you do, but it is a terrible mistake to let drive and ambition get in the way of treating people with kindness and decency. The point is no that they will then be nice to you. It is that you will feel better about yourself.

Robert Solow

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A Quote by Robert James McCracken, D.D. on character, desires, driving, money, motives, needs, religion, and soul

Get to know two things about a man. How he earns his money and how he spends it. You will then have the clue tohis character. You will have a searchlight that shows up the inmost recesses of his soul. You know all you need to knowabout his standards, his motives, his driving desires, his real religion.

Robert McCracken

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A Quote by Robert Fulghum on automobiles, driving, fatherhood, motherhood, perception, privacy, secrets, talent, and teaching

When my father finally got around to teaching me to drive, he was impressed at my "natural" talent for driving, not knowing that I had already been secretly driving my mother's car around the neighborhood. When I took the test and got my license and my father gave me my own set of keys to the car one night at dinner, it was a major rite of passage for him and my mother. Their perception of me had changed and was formally acknowledged. For me the occasion meant a private sanction to do in public what I had already been doing in secret.

Robert Fulghum (1937 -)

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A Quote by Philipp Melanchthon on driving, prayer, and trouble

Trouble and perplexity drive us to prayer, and prayer driveth away trouble and perplexity.

Philipp Melanchthon (1497 - 1560)

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