A Quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning on dreams, gifts, god, and shame

God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.

Elizabeth Browning (1806 - 1861)

Source: Sonnets

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A Quote by Elinor K. Rose on design, dreams, and world

When all the world's adrift in green And dreams sift through the air, unseen, I'm moved by some obscure design And reach out - surely one is mine.

Elinor K. Rose

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A Quote by Anna Eleanor Roosevelt on beauty, belief, dreams, and future

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)

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A Quote by Elbert Green Hubbard on dreams and goals

A goal without a plan is a dream.

Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)

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A Quote by Elaine Christensen on awareness, birds, dreams, earth, garden, rest, timidity, and words

WAKING In spring I write of earth still half asleep, of matted grass and weeds not yet aware that stretching fingers stir the soil down deep and sift the frozen dreams of roots with air that breathes forgotten scents of blossoming. I write of branches stiff and gnarled with cold, like ancient bones that can't remember spring or how the sun could painlessly unfold each timid, paling leaf. I write of birds returning one by one. They leave their flocks for tempting caterpillars scrawled like words across my garden wall of crumbling rocks. These early signs of spring unthaw my brain from numbing winter rest. I write again.

Elaine Christensen (1948 -)

Source: At the Edges, published by the Utah State Poetry Society, 1990

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A Quote by Charles Edwin Markham on belief, dreams, life, and youth

Ah, great it is to believe the dream As we stand in youth by the starry stream; But a greater thing is to fight life's battles through, And say at the end, "The dream is true!"

Edwin Markham (1852 - 1940)

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A Quote by Charles Edwin Markham on day, dreams, earth, eternity, heaven, immortality, men, needs, paradise, time, and path

Earth Is Enough. We men of Earth have here the stuff Of Paradise - we have enough! We need no other stones to build The Temple of the Unfulfilled - No other ivory for the doors - No other marble for the floors - No other cedar for the beam And dome of man's immortal dream. Here on the paths of every-day - Here on the common human way Is all the stuff the gods would take To build a Heaven, to mold and make New Edens. Ours is the stuff sublime To build Eternity in time!

Edwin Markham (1852 - 1940)

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A Quote by Edward Roscoe Murrow on dreams, emptiness, future, language, life, memory, past, and present

Language is the memory of man. Without it he has no past, a paltry present, and an empty future. With it he can bring his dreams to life.

Edward Roscoe Murrow (1908 - 1965)

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A Quote by Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton on belief, dreams, and love

Since we parted yester eve, I do love thee, love, believe, Twelve times dearer, twelve hours longer,- One dream deeper, one night stronger, One sun surer,-thus much more Than I loved thee, love, before.

Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton (1831 - 1891)

Source: pseudonym: Owen Meredith, Since We Parted

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A Quote by Edward O. Sisson on body, careers, certainty, character, culture, day, direction, dreams, education, excellence, exercise, existence, generosity, guidance, heart, home, honor, humanity, idealism, ideas, imagination, influence, inspiration, kin

"What sort of man or woman shall I be; what kind of life shall I propose and hew out ?" The answer one frames to this question is his personal ideal, and will exercise a potent influence upon the development of his character and the direction of his conduct. Toward it the growing soul strives, day after day, year after year; its outlines, first existing only in the imagination of the heart, gradually, almost imperceptibly impress themselves on the soul and body, and manifest themselves in the outer life; "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." The personal ideal distinguishes man from lower creatures; and its perfection and power mark the high and full development of humanity. Very early it becomes the directing influence in self-culture,-which is by far the most important part of education; all truly higher education is self-education; the mission of all training from without is to stimulate and aid and guide one to take charge of his own culture and career. Conscious education is always directed by some sort of an ideal: the school, the home, national education are laboring to mold men and women into certain general forms of excellence and virtue; the personal ideal is the image that one forms of his own possible self. The personal ideal must have power over our lives, else it is not an ideal at all, but only an idea. One must not merely dream of strength, of wisdom, of skill and power, of honor and righteousness, of nobility and generosity, - he must resolve to attain them. He must see himself pursuing and achieving, and be inspired and energized by the vision. Such a vision of power is the personal ideal.

Edward O. Sisson

Source: The Essentials of Character, The Macmillan Company, 1915

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