A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, dialogue, education, biases, prejudices, self-determination, self-delusion, polemics, and abysmalisms

Even as most intellectuals and students and "educators" among us imagine they are learning to criticize and sever those prejudices and presuppositions, those biases and preconceptions are mutating like Hydra and putting forth new buds and nodes with new faces on them to go on functioning sub rosa within his "new regime" of clarified and purified self-determination. This unctuous and protean power of biasing principles to vary their manifestation or expression is one of the premier reasons that humans overwhelmingly need living and in-your-face dialogue, need conversational confrontation and polemics, in order to grasp philosophical, spiritual and moral truths, i.e. values and axioms:  without another intensive and acute individual to catch their blindsidedness and call their hand on this permutational untruth, humans only succeed in "rearranging their prejudices," not truly emancipating themselves from their enslaving abysmalisms.

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by David Bohm on dialogue, ideas, and somethin in common

"Thus, in a dialogue each person does not attempt to make common certain ideas or items of information that are already known to him. Rather, it can be said that collectively they are making something in common"

David Bohm

Source: David Bohm

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A Quote by Stewart Butterfield on community, dialogue, interaction, and flickr

A lot of our success came from George, the lead designer, and Caterina. Both of them spent a lot of time in the early days greeting individual users as they came in, encouraging them and leaving comments on their photos. There was a lot of dialogue between the people who were developing Flickr and their users to get feedback on how they wanted Flickr to develop. That interaction made the initial community very strong and then that seed was there for new people who joined to make the community experience strong for them too.

Stewart Butterfield

Source: Flickr founder: Creativity is human nature: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/01/17/global.office.flickr/

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A Quote by Christian de Quincey on meditation, dialogue, living, and loving

No Agenda, Serious Intent

Christian de Quincey

Source: Christian de Quincey

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A Quote by sam harris on religion faith, dialogue, and belief

It seems profoundly unlikely that we will heal the division in our world through interfaith dialogue. Devout Muslims are as convinced as you are that their religion is perfect and that any deviation leads directly to hell. It is easy, of course, for the representatives of the major religions to occasionally meet and agree that there should be peace on earth, or that compassion is the common thread that unites all the world's faiths. But there is no escaping the fact that a person's religious beliefs uniquely determine what he thinks peace is good for, as well as what he means by a term like "compassion." There are millions---maybe hundreds of millions--of Muslims who would be willing to die before they would allow your version of compassion to gain a foothold on the Arabian Peninsula. How can interfaith dialogue, even at the highest level, reconcile worldviews that are fundamentally incompatible and, in principle, immune to revision? The truth is, it really matter what billions of human beings believe and why they believe it.

sam harris

Source: Letter to a Christian Nation, Pages: 87

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A Quote by Henry Brooks Adams on friendship, dialogue, universe, alone, and friend

Every one must bear his own universe, and most persons are moderately interested in learning how their neighbors have managed to carry theirs.

Henry Adams (1838 - 1918)

Source: The Education of Henry Adams

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A Quote by Dan Simmons on human, experience, family, dialogue, hours, and time

She had always felt that the essence of human experience lay not primarily in the peak experiences, the wedding days and triumphs which stood out in the memory like dates circled in red on old calendars, but, rather, in the unself-conscious flow of little things--the weekend afternoon with each member of the family engaged in his or her own pursuit, their crossings and connections casual, dialogues imminently forgettable, but the sum of such hours creating a synergy which was important and eternal.

Dan Simmons

Source: Hyperion, Pages: 284

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A Quote by Dan Simmons on survival, dialogue, and talking

It occurs to me that our survival may depend upon our talking to one another.

Dan Simmons

Source: Hyperion, Pages: 19

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A Quote by Jane Goodall on change, listening, dialogue, willingness, insight, and jane goodall

“Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don't believe is right.”

Jane Goodall

Source: Thinkexist.com

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