A Quote by Paul Dickson on angels, destruction, past, vietnam, and weapons

The more innocuous the name of a weapon, the more hideous its impact. Some of the most horrific weapons of the Vietnam era were named 'Bambi', 'Infant', 'Daisycutter', 'Grasshopper', and 'Agent Orange'. Nor is the trend new: from the past we have 'Mustard Gas'', 'Angel Chasers' (two cannonballs linked with a chain for added destruction) and 'The Peacemaker' to name but a few.)

Paul Dickson

Source: The Essential Explanations

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A Quote by P. D. Van Amburgh on despair, destruction, doubt, dreams, environment, faith, hope, mind, success, superiority, and world

When my external environment is clouded in doubt and despair . . . when the tempests of destruction are making my dreams of success tremble like the topmost spar of a helpless ship-when the skies seem to hold the closing ruin of all my fondest hopes, my mind, superior amid the outrages of this material world, rests upon the solid!, immovable foundation of Faith. There is nothing in myself, but all is in my Master.

P. D. Van Amburgh

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A Quote by Owen D. Young on destruction and emotion

Markets as well as mobs respond to human emotions; markets as well as mobs can be inflamed to their own destruction.

Owen D. Young (1874 - 1962)

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A Quote by Orson Scott Card on destruction, doubt, mind, pain, and power

There was no doubt now in Ender's mind. There was no help for him. Whatever he faced, now and forever, no one would save him from it. Peter might be scum, but he had been right, always right; the power to cause pain is the only power that matters, the power to kill and destroy, because if you can't kill then you are always subject to those who can, and nothing and no one will ever save you.

Orson Scott Card

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A Quote by Olivia Newton-John on animals, country, destruction, and intelligence

I would not be comfortable appearing in a country where they have permitted the destruction of such beautiful and intelligent animals. (after her 1978 cancellation of a tour of Japan because of their dolphin kill.)

Olivia Newton-John (1948 -)

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A Quote by General Omar Nelson Bradley on death, destruction, learning, and men

We've learned how to destroy, but not to create; how to waste, but not to build; how to kill men, but not how to save them; how to die, but seldom how to live.

Omar Nelson Bradley (1893 - 1981)

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A Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes on destruction and power

The power to tax is not the power to destroy while this Court sits.

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 - 1894)

Source: Panhandle Oil Co. v. Knox, 1928

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A Quote by Oliver Goldsmith on boldness, country, destruction, men, pride, and wealth

Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey, Where wealth accumulates, and men decay. Princes and lords may flourish or may fade,- A breath can make them, as a breath has made; But a bold peasantry, their country's pride, When once destroy'd, can never be supplied.

Oliver Goldsmith (1728 - 1774)

Source: The Deserted Village

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A Quote by Norman Macleod on beginning, christ, death, destruction, earth, life, losing, and meetings

We picture death as coming to destroy; let us rather picture Christ as coming to save. We think of death as ending; let us rather think of life as beginning and that more abundantly. We think of losing; let us think of gaining. We think of parting, let us think of meeting. We think of going away; let us think of arriving. And as the voice of death whispers "You must go from earth," let us hear the voice of Christ saying, "You are but coming to me!"

Norman Macleod (1812 - 1872)

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A Quote by Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler on destruction, force, hope, rules, and world

Fundamentally, the force that rules the world is conduct, whether it be moral or immoral. If it is moral, at least there may be hope for the world. If immoral, there is not only no hope, but no prospect of anything but destruction of all that has been accomplished during the last 5,000 years.

Nicholas Butler (1862 - 1947)

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