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Seen recently on a tee shirt ~ EMERGENCY ALERT: If wearer of this shirt is found vacant, listless, or depressed, ADMINISTER CHOCOLATE IMMEDIATELY.


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A Quote by Thomas J. Watson on business, country, depression, genius, history, justice, people, prosperity, and talent

It is my personal opinion that we are going to recover from this depression and establish on a sounder and better basis, and we are going to reach greater heights of prosperity than ever before in this country. Now, that is just my personal opinion, but it is based on history, because that is what has happened following every depression. As we read the history of the various depressions we find that the people all felt about them just as we do about this one. One of the reasons we go ahead rapidly after coming out of a depression is that inventive genius and business talents have been put to a test, and they have always devised new and better ways to do things.

Thomas Watson (1874 - 1956)

Source: Thomas J. Watson in Men–Minutes–Money, a Collection of Excerpts from Talks . . .

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A Quote by Steven Wright on anger, depression, and enthusiasm

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

Steven Wright (1955 -)

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A Quote by Søren Aabye Kierkegaard on depression, faith, love, and wonder

In addition to my other numerous acquaintances, I have one more intimate confidant . . . . My depression is the most faithful mistress I have known - no wonder, then, that I return the love.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855)

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A Quote by Robert L. Carothers on abuse, alcohol, behavior, culture, day, depression, drugs, environment, judgment, learning, reality, students, and time

We cannot build the new culture for learning to which we aspire in an environment which is depressed and dampened every day by the impact of alcohol and drug abuse, and we should not, and we cannot, hide from that reality any longer. More and more of our students are demanding that they not be imposed upon by others whose judgment and behavior are impaired by substance abuse. It is time to take a stand . . .

Robert L. Carothers

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A Quote by Rex Harrison on depression, divinity, gifts, language, soul, speech, and women

A woman who utters such disgusting and depressing noise has no right to be anywhere, no right to live. Remember that you are a human being with a soul and the divine gift of articulate speech, that your native language is the language of Shakespeare and Milton and The Bible. Don't sit there crooning like a bilious pigeon.

Rex Harrison (1908 - 1990)

Source: As Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, 1964, film musical of G B Shaw's play Pygmalion

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A Quote by Paul Fussell on depression and optimism

I find nothing more depressing than optimism.

Paul Fussell

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A Quote by Norman Vincent Peale on cooking, depression, emotion, good, happiness, ideas, joy, mind, obsession, people, reality, reason, success, thought, and worry

Worry has been described as a spasm of the emotions, a catalyst for creating a depressed condition within a human being. Banish worry and you will permit the positive emotions of joy and happiness to rise to the surface. Worry is a condition in which the mind spasmodically clutches an idea and won't let it go. That is the reason you are never successful in telling people to quit worrying. They can't quit worrying. Their minds are in an emotional spasm. They are holding onto some obsessive idea and can't let it go. The only way to break the spasm is to insinuate another idea into this spasmodic grip, until the mind lets go of the bad idea and seizes the good idea. Since worry is an irrational thought, you must take worry apart, lay it out, dissect it, cut it up, and look at it piece by piece. Do this with cook,m collective, rational thought, and there won't be mush left of it. There is so much illusionary vapor to worry that, when it is dispelled, the reality that is left will prove to be quite small and you can handle it.

Norman Vincent Peale (1898 - 1993)

Source: How to Handle Tough Times by Norman Vincent Peale

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A Quote by Milton Friedman on depression, economics, government, privacy, and unemployment

The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.

Milton Friedman (1912 - 2006)

Source: Capitalism and Freedom, 1962

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A Quote by Marvin J. Ashton on circumstances, depression, difficulty, god, good, and present

With God's help, good cheer permits us to rise above the depressing present or difficult circumstances. It is a process of positive reassurance and reinforcement. It is sunshine when clouds block the light.

Marvin J. Ashton (1915 - 1994)

Source: Ensign, November 1982, p. 67.

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