A Quote by Mel Brooks on defense, humor, justice, and universe

Humor is just another defense against the universe.

Mel Brooks (1926 -)

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A Quote by Matthew Arnold on contentment, culture, and defense

'He knows', says Hebraism, 'his Bible!'-whenever we hear this said, we may, without any elaborate defense of culture, content ourselves with answering simply: 'No man, who knows nothing else, knows even his Bible.'

Matthew Arnold (1822 - 1888)

Source: Culture and Anarchy

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A Quote by Mark Twain on defense and liberty

Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its one sure defense.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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A Quote by Mark Overby on defense and love

Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.

Mark Overby

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A Quote by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus on defense and mind

Let thy chief fort and place of defense be a mind free from passions. A stronger place and better fortified than this, hath no man.

Marcus Aurelius (121 - 180)

Source: Meditations

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A Quote by Malcolm X on defense, freedom, oppression, power, and tyranny

Power in defense of freedom is greater than power in behalf of tyranny and oppression.

Malcolm X (1925 - 1965)

Source: Speech, Black Revolution, New York, 1964

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A Quote by Louisa May Alcott on defense, faith, and friendship

A faithful friend is a strong defense; And he that hath found him hath found a treasure.

Louisa May Alcott (1832 - 1888)

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A Quote by King Hussein of Jordan on challenge, defense, destiny, destruction, generations, laws, lies, life, military, mistakes, morality, nations, practicality, problems, progress, questions, religion, resolution, risk, technology, war, weapons, and wo

One of the most dramatic examples of the gaps between the world's technological progress and moral rectitude is nuclear weapons. The material tools of destruction have become so powerful that the world now lives under the constant shadow of total annihilation. The stakes are enormous, and mistakes never carried a higher risk. It is no longer a question of self-defense. It is a question of self-preservation. Nuclear war is not a military problem. It is a moral dilemma. The nuclear race involves not only a negation of law, but a negation of morality. The problem cannot be solved by practical expediency. Its only resolution lies in the application of the moral imperatives on which our religions and your nation was founded. This problem will be one of your generations' greatest challenges. How well equipped you are to handle it will determine your destiny.

King Hussein (1935 - 1999)

Source: Commencement Forum speech, graduation of his son Prince Feisal, Brown University, May 1985

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A Quote by Joseph Brodsky on defense, evil, extremism, happiness, imitation, originality, and thinking

The surest defense against Evil is extreme individualism, originality of thinking, whimsicality, even, if you will, eccentricity. That is, something that can't be feigned, faked, imitated; something even a seasoned impostor couldn't be happy with.

Joseph Brodsky (1940 -)

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A Quote by Joseph Addison on age, criticism, defense, greatness, kindness, persecution, and weakness

Criticism::"It is folly for an eminent person to think of escaping censure, and a weakness to be affected by it. All the illustrious persons of antiquity, and indeed of every age, have passed through this fiery persecution. There is no defense against reproach but obscurity; it is a kind of concomitant to greatness, as satires and invectives were an essential part of a Roman triumph.

Joseph Addison (1672 - 1719)

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