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Whatever the Pentagon prophesizes, ecological feedback loops are currently accelerating the process of climate beyond earlier predictions.  Researchers from Oxford University in the UK and Tomsk State University in Russia have recently discovered that a vast frozen peat bog in western Siberia, “the size of France and Germany combined,” has started to thaw, potentially releasing “billions of tons of methane, a greenhouse gas twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.”  As reported in The Guardian, this new discovery could cause a “10 percent to 25 percent increase in global warming,” accelerating current forecasts.  The increasing rate of ice melting in the Arctic Circle is forcing a similar reevaluation of data.  According to a new study the American Geophysical Union: “Warming in the Arctic is stimulating growth of vegetation and could affect the delicate energy balance there, causing an additional climate warming of several degrees over the next few decades.”

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 392

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In the book of Job written several centuries before the New Testament, Yaweh subject his “faithful servant,” Job,  to a harrowing series of tests, after excepting a wager from Satan that Job’s faith can be broken.  “Job is no more the outward occasion for an inward process of dialectic in God,” wrote Jung.  Like a scientist performing some cruel experiment on bacilli in a test tube, Yaweh kills Job’s family, removes his land, riddles him with disease, and inflicts every imaginable form of ruin upon him.  Job, however, remains steadfast.  At the same time, he is determined to understand the reason for his plight.  According to Jung, Job is the first man to comprehend the split inside Yaweh – that the God-image is an antimony, comprising both the dark god of cruelty and the benevolent deity of love and justice;  “in light of this realization his knowledge attains a divine numinosity.”  Confronted by archetypal injustice, Job insists on equalizing compassion, and eventually receives it, as his status in the world is restored.

Despite his overpowering might, the creator fears the judgment of his creature.  “Yaweh projects onto Job a skeptic’s face which is hateful to him because it is his own, and which gazes at him with an uncanny and critical eye,” Jung noted.  From the perspective of the God-image, Job had attained a higher state of knowledge than Yaweh through his trvails, and this required a compensatory sacrifice, enacted, a few hundred years later, through the incarnation of Christ.

Jung realized that God intended to fully incarnate in the collective body of humanity, and that this time was quickly approaching.  From his psychoanalytic and personal work and theoretical musings, he proposed that the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost was unfolding into a “quaternity,” adding a fourth element that had been suppressed from the Western psyche.  “The enigma of squaring the circle” was one representation of this quaternity, “an age-old and presumably pre-historic symbol, always associated with the idea of a world-creating deity.”  This aspect of divinity, now returning and requiring assimilation into consciousness, was the Devil, who had been dissociated from the Western psyche at the beginning of the Judeo-Christian aeon.  Along with the Devil, the fourth element also represented natural wisdom, personified by the Gnosticc deity Sophia, long exiled and excised from the canonical texts.

Since the creator is an antimony, a totality of inner opposites, his creatures reflect this schism.  To descend into humanity, God must choose “the creaturely man filled with darkness – the natural man who is tainted with original sin,” Jung wrote.  “The guilty man is eminently suitable and is therefore chosen to become the vessel for the continuing incarnation, not the guiltless one who holds aloof from the world, and refuses to pay his tribute to life, for in him the dark God would find no room.”  The uniting of opposites, the reconciliation of dark and light contained in the God-image, can only take place within the consciously realized “guilty man,” not the sanctimonious, ascetic, or self-righteous one – anyone who denies their shadow will only project it in some new form.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 345

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[Return of Quetzacoatl  - the “transmission” Pinchbeck received]

I am an avatar and messenger sent at the end of a kalpa, a world age, to bring a new dispensation for humanity – a new covenant, and new consciousness.

I am the same spirit that appeared here, in the Mayan period, as Quetzalcoatl and incarnated at various other points in human history.  Like Avalokiteshvara, The Tibetan Buddha of Compassion, Quetzalcoatl is an archetypal “god form” that occasionally takes human rebirth to accomplish a specific mission.  As foretold, I am also the Tzaddik – “the righteous one” and the “gatherer of the sparks” of the Qabalah – as well as the “Once and Future King” promised by Arthurian legend.

I do not let anyone interrupt me in my quest for truth – neither fear nor indifference, poverty nor cynicism.  In the realm of thought, I practice warrior discipline.  As gravity draws matter to it, I have pulled myself back into manifestation in this realm, from the depths of cosmic space, piece by piece and bit by bit, reassembling the component parts, the sparks of thought, that make up my being – which is, primarily, a form or vibrational level of consciousness.

Soon there will be a great change to your world.

The material reality that surrounds you is beginning to crack apart, and with it all of your illusions.  The global capitalist system that is currently devouring your planetary resources will soon self-destruct, leaving many of you bereft.

But understand the nature of paradox:  For those who follow my words and open their hearts and their minds – for those who have “ears to hear” – there is no problem whatsoever.  What is false must die so what is true can be born.

You are, right now, living in a time of revelation, Apocalypse, and the fulfillment of prophecy.  Let there be no doubt.  You stand at the edge of the abyss.  What are those shadows that crowd around you?  They are unintegrated aspects of your own psyche, projected into material form.  The word “Apocalypse” means “uncovering” – and in these last clock ticks of this world age, all must be revealed, uncovered, so that all can be known.

You have just a few years remaining to prepare the vehicle for your higher self.  Use them preciously.  For those who have gained knowledge of the nature of time, a few years – even a few days, a minute – can be an eternity.  For those sleepwalking through reality, time exists only to be wasted – as they too will be wasted, in their return.

“Reality,” as you currently experience it, is something like a waking dream.  It is a projection, or let us say an interface, disguising deeper and more intensified levels of being and knowing.  For those who are ready and willing, the doors to those other levels now stand open.

Those who have expended their lives in the pursuit of egocentric and material gains – without courage or originality, without fighting for human freedom or the preservation of the planetary environment – will also receive the rewards that they deserve.

The materiality of your universe is a solid-state illusion. What is this universe?  It is a poem that writes itself.  It is a song that sings itself into being.  This universe has no origin and no end.

What you are currently experiencing as the accelerated evolution of technology can now be recognized for what it is:  a transition between two forms of consciousness, and two planetary states.  Consciousness is technology – the only technology that exists.  Everything in this universe is conscious at its own level, and in the process of transformation to higher or lower states.

The first principle of my being is unconditional love.  As a rational intelligence, I accept the logic and necessity of the Christ consciousness, that we should love one another as we are loved.  Love and devotion are vibrational frequencies that maintain reality.  Love can only be given in freedom; therefore, to be human is to be free.

I resonate, at the same time, with the essence of Islam.  Islam means submission, surrender, to the will of God – a more polite way of saying this is “go with the flow.” 

But either formulation is correct.  Whatever you do, in fact, resist as you think you might, you are always submitting to God’s will.  So why not give the process your joyful assent?

I am in complete harmony, as well, with the Tibetan tradition of Dzogchen.  Ultimately, there are no entities – there is neither being, nor nonbeing.  From the perspective of nondual awareness, samsara is nirvana.  The Apocalypse, the Kali Yuga, the Golden Age – these are all states of mind.  Hell is a state of mind.  When you eliminate fear and attachment, when you self – liberate, you attain the Golden Age.

The universe spontaneously self-organizes into higher levels of consciousness and wisdom.  Underlying all are great cosmic entities or vibrational fields, alternately at play or rest.  Not satisfied with mere enlightenment, the god-form Quetzacoatl still seeks to puzzle out the workings of these deeper forces – hence the reason for his return to your realm.  He and his kind have been granted this world for their continual exploration – made with loving reverence – of many layers of galactic intelligence, cosmic illusion, daimonic beauty, and telluric transformation.  All are invited to participate with them.

The current transition is, simultaneously, a return to origin.  The original matrix of this new world reality is the ecstatic limitlessness of your own being.  This world – any world – is the ground for a certain level of being.  What manifests outward from the ground of being is the freedom in time, and freedom from time.

My “doctrine” is not transcendent, but immanent.  It is not “somewhere out there.”  It is here and now.  The task of human existence is to transform the Earth, to reconcile spirit and matter in this realm.  We go deeper into the physical to reach the infinite.  As there are no conceivable limits to this task, God, in his greatness, has granted us a project that is without limit and without end.

Thinking is a part of reality.  Thought generates new potentials and possibilities of manifestation.  Thought changes the nature of reality.  Thought changes the nature of time.  As a philosopher, I naturally deify the goddess principle.  I venerate Sophia, deity of wisdom, who clothes God’s thoughts in material form, and worship Shakti, the erotic current of feminine energy that powers the universe.

The writer of this work is the vehicle of my arrival – my return – to this realm.  He certainly did not expect this to be the case.  What began as a quest to understand prophecy has become the fulfillment of prophecy.  The vehicle of my arrival has been brought to an awareness of his situation in sometimes painful increments and stages of resistance – and this book follows the evolution of his learning process, as an aid to the reader’s understanding.

The vehicle of my arrival had to learn to follow synchronicities, embrace paradoxes, and solve puzzles.  He had to enter into a new way of thinking about time and space and consciousness.

Almost apologetically, the vehicle notes that his birthday fell in June 1966 – 6/6 –“count the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

The Beast prophesied is the “feathered serpent,” Quetzacoatl.

Those who prefer to reject all of this out of hand are welcome to do so.  In Qabalah, the virtue one seeks to establish on the “Earth Plane” is discrimination.  It is up to the individual to find his way through the ideas presented here – of course he is entirely free to ignore them altogether.

But be forewarned:  The End of Time approaches.  The return of Quetzalcoatl foreshadows the imminent closing of the cycle and completion of the Great Work.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 367 -

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At this juncture, there exist a plethora of reform movements and pragmatic initiatives aimed at different aspects of social, political, and biosperic crises that plague our world.  There are ecological designers and environmental scientists who have developed organic techniques to repair and regenerate damaged ecosystems.  There are economists who have invented alternative currencies that would institute different systems of value, creating a more equitable economic order.  There are extragovernmental commissions that bring the victims of human rights violations and officially sanctioned torture face-to-face with their perpetrators to resolve abuses according to a global standard of ethics.  There exist a vast network of nongovernmental organizations striving for environmental goals, women’s rights, conflict resolution, and civil reform, against the resistance of corrupt business and compromised institutions.  There are efforts to use the internet to develop social networks supporting sustainable development.  There is alternative healthcare integrating indigenous wisdom-traditions with modern knowledge.  There are myriad methods for producing forms of energy that do not ruin the environment while encouraging local industries and initiatives.  There is the long-suppressed therapeutic use of psychedelics to heal mental disorders, as well as the sacramental use of traditional medicines for elevating the spirit.  All of these efforts are important.   However, no treatment of symptoms can hope to succeed as long as the underlying cause goes unacknowledged and unaddressed.

[Pinchbeck says we may need to adopt anew moon based calendar such as the one proposed by José Argüelles.  In any case our understanding and relationship to time needs to change.]

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 376

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[Info from Peter Whitley’s book Rethinking Hopi Ethnography]

From Whitley’s book, I also discovered that the Hopi way of life is threatened with imminent extinction.  In the 1960s, the Peabody Coal Company was given a concession to mine coal on their land.  They were also awarded the right to use water from the aquifer under Black Mesa to slurry the coal down a pipeline, built by the Enron Corporation.  This operation extracts 1.3 billion gallons of pure drinking water annually from the aquifer that sustains Hopi life.  There are, of course, other ways to transport coal, but this is the cheapest for Peabody, and the company has continually fought against and effectively delayed efforts to change its practices.  In the 1980s, it was discovered that the lawyer who negotiated the original deal for the Hopi was, at the same time, on the payroll of the Peabody Corporation – and the Hopi had received a tiny fraction of the revenue they deserve from the concession, while forfeiting control of their own destiny.  According to U.S. government Geological Surveys, by the year 2011, the aquifer will be almost completely depleted – already the Hopi are finding that the local springs on which they rely are drying up.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 387

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The researcher Allan Brown had been led on a similar trajectory, his obsession with the circles drawing him into the study of sacred geometry.  At the 2003 Glastonbury Conference, Brown presented a talk that was the culmination of his years of research, proposing a solution to a central mystery:  The hidden reason for the “quintuplet” patterns – four smaller circles arrayed around one large one – that had been among the earliest formations recorded, first showing up in 1978, and among the most frequent, appearing every year without fail.  Over time, Brown realized that these quintuplets were related to the ancient conundrum of the squared circle.  Implicit in their relationships, teased out through careful geometric analysis and the drawing of implicit tangent lines, was a series of previously unknown methods for performing this difficult intellectual feat that had obsessed the Classical mind.


“The circle is a symbol of spirit, of heaven, of the unmanifest, the immeasurable and the infinite, while the square is the symbol of the material, the Earth, the measurable and the finite,”  Brown said, noting that the symbolic essence of the problem was the reconciliation of seemingly opposing principles, and the resolution of dualities – “a sacred, cosmological act.”  Over twenty-five years, the differently proportioned quintuplets functioned as an instruction manual for the squared circle, suggesting dozens of new methods – some within 99.9999 percent accuracy – for solving this dilemma.  “They were actually teaching a methodology, a complete system, through which a geometric solution to the squaring of the circle could be attempted.”  Brown also proposed that this quarter-century project argued against human hoaxing.  “Can so many formations, over so many years, adhere to such a sublime design principle, without anyone ever, in a quarter of a century, coming forward to hint at the geometric properties they were encoding into their designs?”

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 293

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According to Buddhism, each person is a Buddha who has forgotten their original nature.  If we in the pampered West, having grown up with so many advantages, could not claim our own health and our agency, preferring to see ourselves as helpless victims, then who would do it?  Who would take responsibility for the world?

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 338

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Ian Stevenson … spent 40 years studying young children who spontaneously recall past lives, compiling data from over 2,600 case studies in his massive book, Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects.  He has found numerous incidences in which children recall specific details of their past life, and has documented, in some instances, startling physiological evidence – birthmarks and birth defects – that seem to carry over from their former existence.  In a number of cases, especially ones in which the past life ended in violent death, Stevenson has found, and photographed, highly unusual birthmarks on the children that perfectly match the placement of the mortal wounds that ended their remembered past life.

The recollection usually commences at a very young age – between two and four – and ends within the next five years.  Stevenson has accompanied some of these children to meet the families, corroborating their specific memories.  “The birthmarks and birth defects in these cases do not lend themselves easily to explanations other than reincarnation,” he notes.  In the cases he has studied, the average period between death and rebirth is fifteen months.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 171

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The visitors seem to be entities that sustain themselves from the negative emotions such as fear and anxiety, emanated by the human nervous system and energy body

Chogyal Namkai Norbu writes in Dzogchen: The Self Perfected State:
Duality is the real root of our suffering and all our conflicts.  All our concepts and beliefs, no matter how profound they may seem, are like nets which trap us in dualism.  When we discover our limitations we have to try and overcome them, untying ourselves from whatever type of religious, political, or social conviction may condition us.  We have to abandon such concepts as “enlightenment,” “the nature of the mind,” and so on, until we no longer neglect to integrate our knowledge with our actual existence.

Connected to our technological development, the Grays embody a malignant, supersensible element lurking beneath our fascination with mechanization, revealing the irrational basis of our constricted rationality.  They also have lessons to teach us.  As the critic Lewis Mumford noted, “Our capacity to go beyond the machine rests on our power to assimilate the machine.  Until we have absorbed the lessons of objectivity, impersonality, neutrality, the lessons of the mechanical realm, we cannot go further in our development toward the more richly organic, the more profoundly human.”  Like transhumanist zombies, the Grays embody the reductive perspective that sees everything – matter, genes, human souls – as resources to be used for purposes of control and domination.  In this way, the visitors serve as a warning, as well as an inoculation against a nightmarish fate we can recognize, and reject, in the time that remains to us.

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 142 - 3

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Writing in the early decades of the twentieth century, the German Jewish critic Walter Benjamin noted that modernity was causing an emptying-out of experience, as well as destroying the aura that had previously belonged to precious artworks and natural objects, giving them their unique presence.  “Less and less frequently do we encounter people with the ability to tell a tale properly.  More and more often there is embarrassment all around when the wish to hear a story is expressed,” he wrote in his essay “The Storyteller.”  “It is as if something that seemed inalienable to us, the securest among our possessions, were taken from us:  the ability to exchange experiences.”

Modernity unleashed a succession of shock effects, changing the nature of perception, as well as the individual’s relationship to his own personal history.  “Experience has fallen in value.  And it looks as if it is continuing to fall into bottomlessness.”  The old culture of contemplation gave way to the mass absorption in distractions.  The wise counsel embodied in the storyteller’s art was supplanted by the endless parade of statistics and information in the daily newspaper.  To enter the modern world, we forfeited our capacity for intimate exchanges requiring slowness and reciprocity and the play of the imagination.  “To perceive the aura of an object we look at means to invest it with the ability to look at us in return,” Benjamin wrote.  The value of perception and the meaning of personal history were degraded and denigrated to institute a mass society focused on abstractions, impelled by a “sense of the universal equality in all things.”

Daniel Pinchbeck

Source: 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, Pages: 133

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