A Quote by Rush H. Limbaugh III on country, nations, people, problems, rules, society, solution, survival, and traditions

The solution to the nation's problems, depends on the true American achievers. It's people like you, playing by the rules and celebrating and continuing to remind people of the traditions and institutions that made this country great, who can re-create a society that is great once more. It's only by doing the right thing that this country is going to fix itself and survive.

Rush Limbaugh (1951 -)

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A Quote by Rush H. Limbaugh III on america, country, crisis, good, history, life, majorities, nations, nature, people, politics, problems, television, and world

ENJOY YOUR LIFE: TURN OFF THE TV The image of America that comes to us in daily news broadcasts is a grim one, problems (real and faked), heartache, dysfunction and hardship. That is simply the nature of television news: crisis after crisis, a drumbeat of constant negativism. Millions upon millions of people in "real" America are enjoying the good things the nation has to offer have come to feel that their positive experiences are somehow the exception. The vast majority enjoy the best country in the history of the world. As an experiment, try going a month without watching any news. Don't watch the evening news, don't watch local news, don't watch political discussions. You will have a much more positive outlook about yourself and about America!

Rush Limbaugh (1951 -)

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A Quote by Rush H. Limbaugh III on america, conservatism, country, future, honesty, ideas, and vision

Conservative ideas are alive and dynamic, the result of a free and intellectually honest vision for the country. As long as conservatism is strong, the future of a strong America is assured.

Rush Limbaugh (1951 -)

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A Quote by Rudyard Kipling on country, money, reputation, and world

All the money in the world is no use to a man or his country if he spends it as fast as he makes it. All he has left is his bills and the reputation for being a fool.

Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936)

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A Quote by Roger Nash Baldwin on country, democracy, and people

So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we'll be called a democracy.

Roger Nash Baldwin (1885 - 1981)

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A Quote by Roger Ward Babson on cities, country, fatherhood, motherhood, religion, and sons

I have not been able to find a single useful institution which has not been founded either by an intensely religious man or by the son of a praying father or a praying mother. I have made the statement before the chambers of commerce of all the largest cities of the country and have asked them to bring forward a case that is an exception to this rule. Thus far, I have not heard of a single one.

Roger Babson (1875 - 1967)

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A Quote by Robert Lee Frost on business, country, justice, and world

We get twitted now and then on how we made this country. Well, we took the whole business, of course. It's not just that corner that we took from Mexico. When we got it all together, we got a very shapely country-the best continental cut in all the world, between the two oceans and in the right temperature zone.

Robert Frost

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A Quote by Robert Francis Kennedy on children, country, facts, suffering, and world

About one month before he was killed, when asked by David Frost how his obituary should read: Something about the fact that I made some contribution to either my country, or those who were less well off. I think back to what Camus wrote about the fact that perhaps this world is a world in which children suffer, but we can lessen the number of suffering children, and if you do not do this, then who will do this? I'd like to feel that I'd done something to lessen that suffering.

Robert F. Kennedy (1925 - 1968)

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A Quote by Robert C. Winthrop on country


Our Country, -whether bounded by the St. John's and the Sabine, or however otherwise bounded or described, and be the measurements more or less, - still our Country, to be cherished in all our hearts, to be defended by all our hands.

Robert C. Winthrop (1809 - 1894)

Source: Toast at Faneuil Hall on the Fourth of July, 1845.

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A Quote by Robert Burns on aim, country, and thought

Some rhyme a neebor's name to lash; Some rhyme (vain thought) for needfu' cash; Some rhyme to court the country clash, An' raise a din; For me, an aim I never fash; I rhyme for fun.

Robert Burns (1759 - 1796)

Source: Epistle to James Smith

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