A Quote by unknown on correction and people

Some people put more emphasis on being socially correct than morally right.


Source: Albert W. Daw Collection

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A Quote by unknown on correction, faults, and wisdom

Our chief wisdom consists in knowing our follies and faults, so that we may correct them.


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A Quote by unknown on advice, children, correction, jobs, parenthood, rules, and work

No one can say the job of bringing up children is easy. There are no perfect rules which will work or are even correct for all children. All the advice given must be adjusted for the particular child and the particular parents.


Source: Newspaper clipping, Albert W. Daw Collection

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A Quote by Tryon Edwards on change, correction, and mistakes

He that never changes his opinions, never corrects his mistakes, will never be wiser on the morrow than he is today.

Tryon Edwards (1809 - 1894)

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A Quote by Thomas Sprat on correction

What you dislike in another take care to correct in yourself.

Thomas Sprat

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A Quote by Thomas Jefferson on children, consequences, correction, education, future, good, ignorance, life, and vices

If the children are untaught, their ignorance and vices will in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences than it would have done in their correction by a good education.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

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A Quote by Stuart Brodie on achievement, correction, experience, meaning, people, perception, and reality

One of the most common reasons so few people are consistently able to achieve meaningful results is that they are unwilling to experience the discomfort associated with relentlessly pursuing a correct perception of reality.

Stuart Brodie

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A Quote by Sogyal Rinpoche on certainty, correction, doubt, effort, mind, nature, needs, questions, rest, and understanding

{While meditating} I sit quietly and rest in the nature of mind; I don't question or doubt whether I am in the "correct" state or not. There is no effort, only rich understanding, wakefulness, and unshakable certainty. When I am in the nature of mind, the ordinary mind is no longer there. There is no need to sustain or confirm a sense of being: I simply am.

Sogyal Rinpoche

Source: Sogyal Rinpoche in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, HarperCollins Publishers, 1993, p. 63

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A Quote by Seung Sahn on clarity, correction, life, mind, past, and reflection

In the past, kong-an (koan) practicing meant checking someone's enlightenment. Now we use kong-ans to make our lives correct. . . . You must use kong-ans to take away your opinions. When you take away your opinions, your mind is clear like space, which means from moment to moment you can reflect any situation and respond correctly and meticulously.

Seung Sahn

Source: a Zen teaching, 1992

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A Quote by Salvador Dali on correction, mistakes, nature, sacred, and understanding

Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them.

Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989)

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