A Quote by Benoîte Groult on art, civilization, cooking, food, inventions, life, losing, and pleasure

If we don't watch out, the pleasure o be gained from the discriminating enjoyment of food will be lost. It may not be long before the art of fine cooking is viewed as the invention of a handful of snobs. . . . A whole aspect of living well, of civilization itself, is threatened with extinction.

Benoite Groult

Source: “La Mer á la Cuisine” in Loaves & Wishes

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A Quote by Barbara Costikyan on cooking, good, and memory

In the childhood memories of every good cook, there's a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.

Barbara Costikyan

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A Quote by Barbara Pierce Bush on cooking, discovery, driving, and life

Describing life out of the public eye to David Letterman, December 6th, 1996 It's been different. I started driving again. I started cooking again. My driving's better than my cooking. George has discovered Sam's Club.

Barbara Bush (1925 -)

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A Quote by Antonia Till on anxiety, cooking, family, friendship, oppression, sharing, and society

. . . even those for whom cooking is an oppressive chore or a source of self-doubting anxiety, acknowledge that a meal shared by friends and family is one of the bonding rituals without which the family, society even, can fall apart.

Antonia Till

Source: Loaves & Wishes

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A Quote by Amy Strum Alcott on cooking, order, and time

Alcott spends part of her off-time as a short order cook at the Butterfly Bakery in Los Angeles where she says, The pressure of getting an order right is greater than sinking a putt.

Amy Strum Alcott (1956 -)

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