A Quote by Jonathan Swift on argument, books, conversation, and reading

Argument, as usually managed, is the worst sort of conversation, as in books it is generally the worst sort of reading.

Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745)

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A Quote by John Adams on conversation, country, death, determination, and survival

Mr. Adams, describing a conversation with Jonathan Sewall in 1774, says: "I answered that the die was now cast; I had passed the Rubicon. Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish with my country was my unalterable determination."

John Adams (1735 - 1826)

Source: Webster's Works, vol. iv. p. 8.

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A Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe on anecdotes, conversation, maxims, and world

Anecdotes and maxims are rich treasures to the man of the world, for he knows how to introduce the former at fit place in conversation.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

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A Quote by Johann Kaspar Lavater on company, conversation, and day

Three days of uninterrupted company in a vehicle will make you better acquainted with another, than one hour's conversation with him every day for three years.

Johann Kaspar Lavater (1741 - 1801)

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A Quote by Jan Struther on behavior, conversation, privacy, present, and world

Private opinion creates public opinion. Public opinion overflows eventually into national behavior as things are arranged at present, can make or mar the world. That is why private opinion, and private behavior, and private conversation are so terrifyingly important.

Jan Struther

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A Quote by James Keller on astronomy, conversation, fame, life, schools, and study

A high-school girl, seated next to a famous astronomer at a dinner party, struck up a conversation with him by asking: "What do you do for a living?" "I study astronomy," he replied. "Really? said the teenager, wide-eyed. "I finished astronomy last year."

James Keller

Source: Three Minutes by James Keller, M. M., 1950

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A Quote by James Hillman on conversation, day, good, justice, and mind

Not just any talk is conversation; not any talk raises consciousness. Good conversation has an edge: it opens your eyes to something, quickens your ears. And good conversation reverberates: it keeps on talking in your mind later in the day; the next day, you find yourself still conversing with what was said. That reverberation afterward is the very raising of consciousness; your mind's been moved. You are at another level with your reflections.

James Hillman

Source: We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy—and the World s Getting Worse (Harper San Francisco)

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A Quote by James Boswell on conversation, good, innocence, and wit

For my own part I think no innocent species of wit or pleasantry should be suppressed: and that a good pun may be admitted among the smaller excellencies of lively conversation.

James Boswell (1740 - 1795)

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A Quote by Clive Staples (Jack) Lewis on business, conversation, experience, and love

You ask whether I have ever been in love: fool as I am, I am not such a fool as that. But if one is only to talk from first-hand experience, conversation would be a very poor business. But though I have no personal experience of the things they call love, I have what is better - the experience of Sappho, of Euripides, of Catallus, of Shakespeare, of Spenser, of Austen, of Brontë, of anyone else I have read.

Jack Lewis (1898 - 1963)

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A Quote by H. L. Mencken on children, conversation, love, men, pleasure, simplicity, and women

Women have simple tastes. They can get pleasure out of the conversation of children in arms and men in love.

H.L. Mencken (1880 - 1956)

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