A Quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche on experience, contempt, happiness, disgust, reason, virtue, contentment, poverty, filth, existence, knowledge, lion, rage, good, evil, and weary

    What is the greatest experience you can have? It is the hour of the great contempt. The hour when your happiness, too, arouses your disgust, and even your reason and your virtue.
    The hour when you say, 'What matters my happiness? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment. But my happiness ought to justify existence itself.'
    The hour when you say, 'What matters my reason? Does it crave knowledge as the lion his food? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment.'
    The hour when you say, 'What matters my virtue? As yet it has not made me rage. How weary I am of my good and my evil! All that is poverty and filth and wretched contentment.'

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

Source: Thus spoke Zarathustra.

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A Quote by Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill on contempt, danger, disobedience, lawyers, and vices

Winston Churchill, for his part, regarded Gandhi with not a little contempt, describing the 'Mahatma' as a dangerous charlatan: "It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the Vice regal palace, while he is still organising and conducting a campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with the representative of King-Emperor."

Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Source: speech to the West Essex Conservatives, February 23, 1930

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A Quote by François Marie Arouet Voltaire on animals, contempt, eternity, laws, and nature

. . . it would be very singular that all nature, all the planets, should obey eternal laws, and that there should be a little animal five feet high, who, in contempt of these laws, could act as he pleased, solely according to his caprice.

Voltaire (1694 - 1778)

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A Quote by Umberto Eco on bliss, contempt, death, destiny, eternity, heaven, honesty, life, quality, religion, reward, saints, and world

"Sir," Saint-Savin replied, "the first quality of an honest man is contempt for religion, which would have us afraid of the most natural thing in the world, which is death; and would have us hate the one beautiful thing destiny has given us, which is life. We should rather aspire to a heaven where only the planets live in eternal bliss, receiving neither rewards nor condemnations, but enjoying merely their own eternal motion in the arms of the void."

Umberto Eco (1932 -)

Source: The Island of the Day Before, Chapter 5

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A Quote by Sir Henry Taylor on contempt, money, and philosophy

The philosophy which affects to teach us a contempt of money does not run very deep.

Sir Henry Taylor (1800 - 1886)

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A Quote by Publilius Syrus on contempt and familiarity

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Publilius Syrus (fl. 1st Cent. BC -)

Source: Maxim 640. see Aesop

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A Quote by Niccoló Machiavelli on contempt, country, and religion

There is no surer sign of decay in a country than to see the rites of religion held in contempt.

Niccolo Machiavelli (1469 - 1527)

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A Quote by Neal A. Maxwell on contempt

We must endure the contempt of others without reciprocating that contempt.

Neal Maxwell (1926 -)

Source: Things As They Really Are © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

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A Quote by Minna Thomas Antrim on admiration, contempt, and flattery

Between flattery and admiration there often flows a river of contempt.

Minna Thomas Antrim (1861 - ?)

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A Quote by Mark Twain on children, contempt, and familiarity

Familiarity breeds contempt - and children.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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