A Quote by Kenneth Smith on philosophy, politicians, values, conscience, conformism, and principles

In late modernity we grow more and more accustomed to politicians and public figures who are indebted to their appetites for their "values," to their intellectual sloth for their "principles," to their rhetorical cleverness for their "conscience," and to their regimented conformism for their "philosophy."

Kenneth Smith

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A Quote by Dalai Lama on science, technology, conscience, and compassion

Within the short space of my own lifetime, the impact of science and technology on humanity has been tremendous. Although my own interest in science began with curiosity about a world, foreign to me at that time, governed by technology, it was not very long before the colossal significance of science for humanity as a whole dawned on me---especially after I came into exile in 1959. There is almost no area of human life today that is not touched by the effects of science and technology. Yet are we clear about the place of science in the totality of human life---what exactly it should do and by what it should be goverened? This last point is critical because unless the direction of science is guided by a consciously ethical motivation, especially compassion, its effects may fail to bring benefit. They may indeed cause great harm.

Dalai Lama

Source: The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality, Pages: 9

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A Quote by Dalai Lama on heart, science, technology, psyche, responsibility, 11th hour, conscience, and community

Perhaps the most important point is to ensure that science never becomes divorced from the basic human feeling of empathy with our fellow beings. Just as one's fingers can function only in relation to the palm, so scientists must remain aware of their connection to society at large. Science is vitally important, but it is only one finger of the hand of humanity, and its greatest potential can be actualized only so long as we are careful to remember this. Oherwise, we risk losing our sense of priorities. Humanity may end up serving the interests of scientific progress rather than the other way around. Science and technology are powerful tools, but we must decide how best to use them. What matters above all is the motivation that governs the use of science and technology, in which ideally heart and mind are united.

Dalai Lama

Source: The Universe in a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality, Pages: 11

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A Quote by Isaac Walton on conscience, loss, life, and morality

The person who loses their conscience has nothing left worth keeping.

Isaac Walton

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A Quote by Ian Gardner on mind, conscience, soul speaking, and spirit speaking

Mind & Conscience.

Mind is the Soul speaking and Conscience is the Spirit speaking.

Ian Gardner

Source: Ian's blog et al.

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A Quote by Swami Chidananda on mind and conscience

"You know why you are doing something. And if it is against your life, your principles and ideals it is bothersome. And no one wants to be bothered. So you conveniently try to curtain it off, turn a blind eye, and put it out of sight so that it won't bother you. This is what the Mind does."

Swami Chidananda

Source: Mind - part 1: It's nature & it's control a cd published by the Divine Life Society

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A Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. on conscience, politic, popular, and safe

Cowardice askes the question:"Is it safe"? Expediency asks the question:"Is it politic"? Vanity asks the question:"Is it popular?"But conscience asks the question:"Is it right?" And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but one must take it because one's conscience tells one what is right.

Martin Luther King Jr (1929 - 1968)

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A Quote by Gaston Bachelard on conscience, work, and life

A clear conscience is, for me, an occupied conscience--never empty--the conscience of a man at work until his last breath.

Gaston Bachelard (1884 - 1962)

Source: The Poetics of Reverie, Pages: 53..54

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A Quote by Ernest Hemingway on conscience, toothbrush, and hemingway

I kept this to remind me of you trying to brush away the Villa Rossa from your teeth in the morning, swearing and eating aspirin and cursing harlots. Every time I see that glass I think of you trying to clean your conscience with a toothbrush.

Ernest Hemingway (1898 - 1961)

Source: A Farewell to Arms

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