A Quote by David Abram on civilization, diversity, language, connection, relationship, extinction, and earth

As technological civilization diminishes the biotic diversity of the earth, language itself is diminished. As there are fewer and fewer songbirds in the air, due to the destruction of their forests and wetlands, human speech loses more and more of its evocative power. For when we no longer hear the voices of warbler and wren, our own speaking can no longer be nourished by their cadences. As the splashing speech of the rivers is silenced by more and more dams, as we drive more and more of the land’s wild voices into the oblivion of extinction, our own languages become increasingly impoverished and weightless, progressively emptied of their earthly resonance.

David Abram

Source: The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World (Vintage), Pages: 86

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A Quote by David Abram on world, connection, relationship, awareness, earth, ecology, and environment

My life and the world’s life are deeply intertwined; when I wake up one morning to find that a week-long illness has subsided and that my strength has returned, the world, when I step outside, fairly crackles with energy and activity: swallows are swooping by in vivid flight; waves of heat rise from the newly paved road smelling strongly of tar; the old red barn across the field juts into the sky at an intense angle. Likewise, when a haze descends upon the valley in which I dwell, it descends upon my awareness as well, muddling my thoughts, making my muscles yearn for sleep. The world and I reciprocate one another. The landscape as I directly experience it is hardly a determinate object; it is an ambiguous realm that responds to my emotions and calls forth feelings from me in turn.

David Abram

Source: The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World (Vintage), Pages: 33

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A Quote by Robert Grudin on happiness, freedom, life, living, work, love, play, rest, and connection

The happy individual is able to renew daily and with full consciousness all the basic expressions of human identity: work, love, communication, play, and rest.

Robert Grudin

Source: Time and the Art of Living, Pages: 161

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A Quote by Thomas Berry on humanity, attraction, existing, communication, connection, and purpose

We might well believe that the law of universal gravitation whereby each physical reality attracts and is attracted to every other physical reality has its correspondence in the hidden or overt attraction of all human beings and all human societies to each other. This attraction takes place within a functional balance of tensions whereby each is sustained in its existence by all the others even as each sustains the others in existence. This seems to be demonstrated in the extensive and continuing efforts of humans to encounter each other and to establish a universal network of communication throughout the human order.

Thomas Berry

Source: Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community

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A Quote by Wayne Dyer on ego, connection, separation, imagination, achievement, god, and goals

Your will is the ego part of you that believes you're separate from others, separate from what you'd like to accomplish or have, and separate from God. It also believes that you are your acquisitions, achievements, and accolades. This ego will wants you to constantly acquire evidence of your importance... On the other hand, your imagination is the concept of Spirit within you. ...with imagination, we have the power to be anything we desire to be.

Wayne Dyer

Source: The Power of Intention

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A Quote by Wayne Dyer on intention, connection, relationships, humanity, world, and unity

The ability to see yourself as a temporary expression of intention and to see yourself in all of humanity is a characteristic of the holy relationship. It's the ability to celebrate and honor in all others, the place where we're all one. ...establish a holy relationship with your Source, the world community, your neighbors, acquaintances, family, the animal kingdom, our planet, and yourself.

Wayne Dyer

Source: The Power of Intention

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A Quote by Paul H. Ray, Sherry Ruth Anderson on connection, mystery, and self

Poets and mystics have been telling us for centuries: Wake up.  Wake to your true self.  Wake to your own connections to what is around you right now.  Gaze into someone's eyes, and discover who looks back.  Penetrate the mysteries where the worlds touch.  Don't go back to sleep.

Paul H. Ray, Sherry Ruth Anderson

Source: The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World

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A Quote by Jennifer Welwood on experience, aloneness, loneliness, connection, fear, courage, loss, gifts, fleeing, welcoming, and non-duality

Willing to experience aloneness,
I discover connection everywhere;
Turning to face my fear,
I meet the warrior who lives within;
Opening to my loss,
I am given unimaginable gifts;
Surrendering into emptiness,
I find fullness without end.

Each condition I flee from pursues me.
Each condition I welcome transforms me
And becomes itself transformed…

Jennifer Welwood

Source: Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings, Pages: 63

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A Quote by Shivana Inalsingh on evolve, living, growth, and connection

We are energetic beings where spirit meets matter, all connected through a timeless energetic matrix. While the quest for health and well being may seem limited to a personal experience, it is through actively honoring ourself and others with integrity and truth, celebrating life with appreciation and gratitude, engaging in pursuits that allow us to achieve our highest potential and expand our consciousness, that we each support and facilitate the transformation and wellbeing of others and the world we live.  This is our responsibility as evolving energetic beings and it is time that we all embrace this way of Being.

Shivana Inalsingh

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A Quote by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner on leadership, future, present, connect, and connection

The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present.

James Kouzes

Source: HBR article, "To Lead, Create a Shared Vision."

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