A Quote by Alexander Pope on abuse, chaos, confusion, errors, glory, judgment, passion, thought, truth, and world

Chaos of thought and passion, all confused; Still by himself abused or disabused; Created half to rise, and half to fall; Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all; Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled,- The glory, jest, and riddle of the world.

Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744)

Source: Essay on Man. Epistle ii. Line 13.

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A Quote by Alexander Pope on agreement, chaos, confusion, earth, order, variety, water, and world

Here hills and vales, the woodland and the plain Here earth and water seem to strive again, Not chaos-like together crushed and bruised, But, as the world, harmoniously confused: Where order in variety we see, And where, though all things differ, all agree.

Alexander Pope (1688 - 1744)

Source: Windsor Forest, 1713

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A Quote by Albert Einstein on age, confusion, goals, and perfection

Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem-in my opinion-to characterize our age.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Source: Out of My Later Years, chapter 14 (1950)

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A Quote by Abraham Lincoln on agreement, confusion, country, justice, and time

The story of a jackass Lincoln owned as a young man: The case of that jackass was most singular. When everything was pleasant all around he would kick the worst. When his rack was fullest and his stall fixed with new straw and everything real comfortable, that jackass would start in on the almightiest spell of kicking that was ever seen. All the veterinary surgeons in the neighborhood came and tried to find out just what made the critter kick so. They never could agree about it. One thing we all noticed was that he always brayed and kicked at the same time. Sometimes he would bray first and then kick, but other times he would kick first and then bray, so that confused us, and nobody in that whole country was ever able to find out whether that jackass was braying at his own kick or kicking at his own brays.

Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

Source: Campaign for Congress, Sangamon, Illinois, 1854

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