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Living wisdom cannot be confined within words, but it can be hinted at through situations, much as a specific feature of an otherwise undistinguished landscape can often be discerned by following the path projected by a pointing finger. "Them that have ears, let them hear," said Jesus; whoever "hears" the inner import of words will be able to "see" their inward meaning.

Robert Svoboda

Source: Aghora II: Kundalini, Rupa & Co. 1993, pg. 28.

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A Quote by Kanon Wakeshima on confined, hope, and believe

Believing in things you cannot see
Even with my trembling arms
I want to protect someone dear to me
The place my thought that proggressed
up to now struggle on to
To see hopes
Even in a black, confined world

Kanon Wakeshima

Source: from "Kuroi Torikago" (song)

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