A Quote by Marc Ian Barasch on kindness, compassion, and hatred

I used to think that people who regarded everyone benignly were a mite simple or oblivious or just plain lax—until I tried it myself. Then I realized that they made it only look easy. Even the Berditchever Rebbe, revered as a man who could strike a rock and bring forth a stream, was continually honing his intentions. “Until I remove the thread of hatred from my heart,” he said of his daily meditations, “I am, in my own eyes, as if I did not exist.”

Marc Barasch

Source: The Compassionate Life: Walking the Path of Kindness

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A Quote by John O'Donohue on soul, self-love, compassion, and destiny

When you are compassionate with yourself, you trust in your soul, which you let guide your life. Your soul knows the geography of your destiny better than you do.

John O'Donohue

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A Quote by Edmund J Bourne on kindness, compassion, global shift, action, change, and transformation

Despite our differences, we are all in this together. No act of kindness or compassion goes unnoticed. To change the world, take compassionate action within your immediate sphere of influence. To change yourself, start by being still and making time just to listen.

Edmund Bourne

Source: Global Shift: How A New Worldview Is Transforming Humanity (New Harbinger/Noetic Books), Pages: 324

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A Quote by David Spangler on crisis, compassion, courage, creativity, evil, crimes, consciousness, and calling

No one wishes for crisis, but when crises come, they can call forth our best impulses, those of compassion, courage, creativity, and community.  And if there are crimes and evils hidden in the dark places of our society and the darker places of our consciousnesses, all the better they come to the surface to be seen, understood, confronted, and healed.  If our generation is called to bear a burden of that healing, it is a powerful calling and honor and one within our capability.

David Spangler

Source: David's Desk #21, Soul Size

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A Quote by Byron Katie on reality, suffering, enlightenment, awakening, and compassion

The end of suffering happens in this very moment, whether you're watching a terrorist attack or doing the dishes. And compassion begins at home. Because I don't believe my thoughts, sadness can't exist. That's how I can go to the depths of anyone's suffering, if they invite me, and take them by the hand and walk them out of it into the sunlight of reality.

I've taken that walk myself.

Byron Katie

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A Quote by Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche on sharing, dependence, community, indepdendence, compassion, family, and children

The essence of compassion is to copy how you relate with your child (in your relationships with others). The problem is how much you want to be the head of the family or the ringleader of your friends. You know, if that ambition is not there, but you have a genuine willingness to share, that is precisely the concept of sangha, or the Buddhist community, in traditional terms. You are willing to be friends with everybody, but at the same time you are not particularly taking credit. You don’t make people depend on you. Everybody can stand on his or her own feet. The ideal of helping is to make others independent of you. You help them to become more independent rather than making them addicted to you.

Chogyam Trungpa

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A Quote by Erich Fromm on love, world, and compassion

Love is not primarily a relationship to a specific person; it is an attitude, an ordination of character which determines the relatedness of the person to the whole world as a whole, not toward one object of love”

Erich Fromm (1900 - 1980)

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A Quote by Meredith Young-Sowers on spirituality, compassion, kindness, teaching, advice, and help

If people need to grow at their own rates, then you might ask, "In what way is it your opportunity to help others grow spiritually?" And I can offer two answers: first, it is appropriate to share your views when someone asks, and second, allow that you may know more of the situation, have greater insight into both the nature of the problem and the solution, than you might share with that person. A true spiritual teacher knows more than he or she necessarily verbalizes, using temperance and love to be guided to say what is appropraite without showing off his or her knowledge or saying what would not arise from the greatest care, kindness, and compassion.

Meredith Young-Sowers

Source: Agartha: Journey to the Stars, Pages: 76

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A Quote by Meredith Young-Sowers on love, god, compassion, spirituality, meaning, and conversation

Ask yourself: at which level can I give love?

1. Love the oneness in those people with whom you can truly be yourself, can find comfort in their thoughts, can feel supported in your own discoveries, and can feel loved unconditionally.

2. Love the shared friendship in those who are eager to be with you and learn from you.

3. Love from a distance those people who enjoy conversation only at the social level, and discourage what you would consider more meaningful conversation.

4. Love the God fiber in those people who make it difficult or impossible for you to be with them, care about them, or honor their path.

Meredith Young-Sowers

Source: Agartha: Journey to the Stars, Pages: 78

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