A Quote by E. B. White on communism, control, health, loyalty, needs, praise, security, testing, and thought

Security, for me, took a tumble not when I read that there were Communists in Hollywood but when I read your editorial in praise of loyalty testing and thought control. If a man is in health, he doesn't need to take anybody else's temperature to know where he is going.

E. B. White (1899 - 1985)

Source: Letter to the New York Herald Tribune, November 29, 1947

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A Quote by Doris Lessing on communism and politics

Political correctness is the natural continuum from the party line. What we are seeing once again is a self-appointed group of vigilantes imposing their views on others. It is a heritage of communism, but they don't seem to see this.

Doris Lessing (1919 -)

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A Quote by Clare Boothe Luce on communism

Communism is the opiate of the intellectuals [with] no cure except as a guillotine might be called a cure for dandruff.

Clare Boothe Luce (1903 - 1987)

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A Quote by Barbara Tuchman on communism, corruption, country, death, disease, misery, and relatives

In a country where misery and want were the foundation of the social structure, famine was periodic, death from starvation common, disease pervasive, thievery normal, and graft and corruption taken for granted, the elimination of these conditions in Communist China is so striking that negative aspects of the new rule fade in relative importance.

Barbara Tuchman (1912 - 1989)

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A Quote by Albert N. Neibacker, D.D. on communism, facts, fatherhood, learning, men, peace, and war

When we pray "Our Father," I am praying for you, you are praying for me. In fact, if men everywhere would only learn to pray aright, "Our Father," there would be no differences to settle. It would not be long before Communist, imperialist, capitalist and what have you would stop their cold war and start to live at peace with one another.

Albert N. Neibacker

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