A Quote by unknown on understanding, patience, and chocolate

"He knows that you can't force an understanding. You have to let it happen. It has to coalesce, not unlike love or
pudding, he supposes. You stir and stir and watch the bubbles break the surface, you wait and keep the perfect heat underneath it and if you are very patient it finally, suddenly thickens up, silky shiny smooth as if to say, 'This is what I always meant to be. Thank you for waiting. You may now lick the spoon'."


Source: a science fiction fanfic lost somewhere in the annals of my memory

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A Quote by Michael Scott on business, success, the office, how to succeed, and chocolate

Nowadays I find chocolate and/or chocolate-based snacks to be great motivators. Everyone loves chocolate. If someone has a lot of work to do, put a piece of fudge in a glass container (so they can see it) and let them know that if they accomplish their tasks, they can eat the fudge. You'll definitely get a reaction!

Michael Scott

Source: Business 2.0: How To Succceed: Avoid a Staff Mutiny (With Chocolate, if Necessary):

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A Quote by Domus Ulixes on women, puppies, puppy, and chocolate

Women are just as easy as men, give them a few bars of chocolate and a puppy, and they won't bother you for days.

Frederik Kerling

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A Quote by Star Trek on chocolate

I never met a chocolate I didn't like.

Star Trek

Source: Star Trek: The Next Generation (Deanna Troi)

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