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a wise man once asked,

"When the snow melts what do you do?"

"Stay inside and wish it were spring..." replied the girl.

After slapping himself on his forehead he sighed and replied,

"You avoid the yellow snow..." he said pointing to her boots now sunken in yellowish substance.


Source: The mind of an adolescent

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Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the people who are doing it.

Chinese Proverb

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May you live in interesting times.

Chinese Proverb

Source: Old Chinese curse, author unknown

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四海之内皆兄弟; across the seas we are all brothers


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When asked about a flag fluttering in the wind: "Was it the flag that moved or the wind?" Hui Neng answered,
"Neither. It is the mind that moves." - Chinese Maxim

Chinese Proverb

Source: Chinese Maxim

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