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Early in my research, that strange phenomenon which Carl Jung called synchronicity brought me in touch with the single most amazing Baconian artifact I could have imagined. Most readers are familiar with such surprising events. Suddenly out of nowhere, just at the right time and the right place, some essential object or information will appear, as though a genie had been at work behind the scenes.

For me this surprise came in the shape of a strange wooden contraption known as a cipher wheel. On the printed pages affixed to it, in a most ingenious code is recorded the true story of Francis Bacon-an account actually and incredibly written by him in his own words. It is a story that changes the current concept of English history. No longer was guesswork necessary. Now the task was to fit the details of Bacon's life, as the cipher gives it, into accepted records of history.

The Shakespeare Code is my attempt to do just that and to explain what the cipher wheel is and why Bacon felt the need to create the ciphers. It is a poignant and tragic tale-but one that ends on an unexpected note of triumph. It is a story that is crying out to be told.

Virginia Fellows

Source: The Shakespeare Code, Pages: 384

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It was during this period that I stopped off in London and found a book called "A Brief History of Everything" by Ken Wilber.  Although strangely attracted to the book and to the cover, initially I couldn't bring myself to buy a book with such an arrogant title.  At that stage I hadn't discovered many Americans with a sense of irony and took the title to be literal.  (I have sinced discovered that Ken has a great sense of humour and most of our early communications were about "Absolutely Fabulous" and Eddie Izzard.)  The title is meant to be ironic but it is also strangely accurate.

Peter McNab

Source: Towards an Integral Vision: Using Nlp & Ken Wilber's Aqal Model to Enhance Communication, Pages: 18

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