A Quote by Patricia Aburdene on brands, branding, conscious consumers, cult brands, and conscious capitalism

More than a name, logo or "iconic" CEO, a brand is a place in the heart where employees, investors, suppliers--and Conscious Consumers--meet to tell a company's story, says brand guru Elsie Maio. "When brand reveals authenticity, values and humanity's drive towards consciousness, it's a powerful strategic advantage."

Patricia Aburdene

Source: Megatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism, Pages: 110

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A Quote by Tom Beaudoin on branding, brands, religion, spiritual, economy, and identity

There is an authentic spiritual impulse at the heart of our branding economy. We use brands to do identity work for us, finally, out of our desire to be recognised by others, by a power greater than ourselves; and the desire to recognise and know others, to commune with others under a power greater than ourselves. And in this recognising and being recognised, we experience that great power that draws us inward and outward.

Tom Beaudoin

Source: Consuming Faith: Integrating Who We Are with What We Buy, Pages: 106

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A Quote by Seth Godin on marketing, advertising, brands, branding, permission, and customers

Traditional sales and marketing involves increasing market shares, which means selling as much of your product as you can to as many customers as possible. One-to-one marketing involves driving for a share of customer, which means ensuring that each individual customer who buys your product buys more product, buys only your brand, and is happy using your product instead of another to solve his problem. The true, current value of any one customer is a function of the customer's future purchases, across all the product lines, brands, and services offered by you.

Seth Godin

Source: Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, Pages: 69

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