A Quote by Lady Nancy Astor on boredom, people, and success

The penalty for success is to be bored by the people who used to snub you.

Nancy Astor (1879 - 1964)

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A Quote by Muriel Spark on boredom and psychiatry

One should only see a psychiatrist out of boredom.

Muriel Spark

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A Quote by Moss Hart on boredom, change, kindness, money, and poverty

Boredom is the keynote of poverty . . . for where there is no money there is no change of any kind, not of scene or of routine.

Moss Hart (1904 - 1961)

Source: Act One, 1959

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A Quote by Mark Twain on boredom, children, family, and men

If men bore children, there would only be one born in each family.

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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A Quote by Mario Andretti on boredom and concern

My biggest concern during a race is getting bored. The biggest thing I have to combat is falling asleep while going around and around.

Mario Andretti (1940 -)

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A Quote by Marguerite Yourcenar on beginning, boredom, family, misfortune, and musicians

A young musician plays scales in his room and only bores his family. A beginning writer, on the other hand, sometimes has the misfortune of getting into print.

Marguerite Yourcenar (1903 - 1987)

Source: "Time," 16 Feb 1981.

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A Quote by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus on boredom, life, seasons, and time

Mark how fleeting and paltry is the estate of man--yesterday in embryo, tomorrow a mummy or ashes. So for the hairsbreadth of time assigned to thee, live rationally, and part with life cheerfully, as drops the ripe olive, extolling the season that bore it and the tree that matured it.

Marcus Aurelius (121 - 180)

Source: Meditations

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A Quote by Malcolm S. Forbes on boredom, persistence, and elightenment

A bore is someone who persists in holding his own views after we have enlightened him with ours.

Malcolm Forbes (1919 - 1990)

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A Quote by M. F. K. Fisher on boredom, family, and resentment

Family dinners are more often than not an ordeal of nervous indigestion, preceded by hidden resentment and ennui and accompanied by psychosomatic jitters.

M. F. K. Fisher

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A Quote by Lou Holtz on boredom, desires, goals, and life

f you're bored with life - you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enough goals.

Lou Holtz (1937 -)

Source: The Book of Football Wisdom, ed. by Criswell Freeman, 1996.

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