A Quote by Dennis Miller on narcissism, aliens, and boomeritis

Only man is a narcissistic enough species to think that a highly evolved alien life force would travel across billions and billions of light-years- a group of aliens so intelligent, so insouciant, so utterly above it all, they feel no need whatsoever to equip their spacecraft with windows so that they can gaze out on all that celestial beauty-but then immediately upon landing, their first impulse is to get in some hick's ass with a flashlight.

Dennis Miller

Source: Dennis Miller

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A Quote by Ken Wilber on wilber, boomeritis, and spirit

I believe that evidence shows that there is a real spirit, a real Beach, but it is beneath no pavement whatsoever, for all pavements arise within it: Spirit is all-encompassing. It transcends everything, it includes everything.

Ken Wilber

Source: Boomeritis : A Novel That Will Set You Free!, Pages: 297-298

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